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Ebay Woe :(

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Embryodead, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    I just recieved an Ibanez SR-890 from ebay, he mentioned some minor scraps and scuffs on it so i bought it cause y'know scraps and scuffs don't bother me. I recieved the bass this morning and it has a huge 3x3 inch smash in it, there was no mention of it in his ebay ad and i realized he avoided pictures of that part of bass if i think about. I just filed a dispute with paypal for either 125 dollar comp or a full refund. Just looking to seek recommendations on whether i'll get this settled (i'd rather have the partial refund cause it doesn't bother me at all but i wouldn't have bought it for that amount of i knew there was that amount of damage.) Also is it common if a pot needs to be replaced that a whole pick up won't work?


    Ebay Listing
  2. Are you sure it didn't happen during shipping?
  3. 513rocks.com


    Sep 22, 2004
    Mason, Ohio
    that sux!! did you contact the seller? he should refund your money. was the shipping box messed up? could it have happened while being shipped? i hope it works out for you, but im sure it will.
  4. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    Nah, no possible way this thing was wrapped in bubble wrap and foam cubes i had to cut the box down the middle because it was packed so tight. none of the bubbles on the wrapping were broken so that normally means it was not handled incorrectly espically for the amount of damage that was sustained.

    Edit: I sent an email to the seller saying i would be filing a dispute with Paypal (ebay recommends you do that because paypal can put a hold on his money in his bank account so he doesn't walk off with it)
  5. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    Here is the exact info i sent to Paypal:

    Upon recieving the package, I opened it and immediately saw a 3x3 crack in the wood near on the upper side where my arm would rest near the bridge. This damage was not mentioned or shown at all on the ebay page. Second the bass has a damaged pot yes but there was no mention that the pickup itself would not work due to the damaged pot. A Photo of the damage can be viewed here: Removed URL so Paypal can actually see it!

    Request: A 125 dollar compensation to repair the damage of the bass not mentioned on the site or full refund of 264.01 for the bass i will cover the shipping cost back to the seller.

    i realize that i can't repair the whole bass for 125 as i think it may need a new pick up but i can sand the whole thing down and stain it a nice dark color..i'd hate to do it but the crack is just to deep the picture does the damage no justice.
  6. the link to the damage doesnt work for me, but i think i get the deal with the story and that really sucks. see what the guy has to say about it.
  7. Link doesn't work, but that sucks. Some comp is definitely due if you decide to keep.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas.
  8. kickinbass


    Nov 19, 2004
    ontario canada
    Your dispute with paypal will take a long time.First you have to wait the time frame to file the dispute, and then paypal gives the seller approx 30 days to replied. and paypal doesn't give partial refunds only full minus shipping so if you send it back to the seller which they will ask you to do minus the cost of shipping and handling to you. and don't forget to add the cost of shipping it back. Is it worth the shipping to you and return to the seller . Depends what you paid for the bass. if it cost you 125.00 add the two way shipping that you will be out probably another 50. You are better off keeping the bass unless which i doubt paypal will refund shipping both ways. good luck don't forget to leave negative feedback to the seller.
  9. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    Actually, the seller has 1 week now, January 4th he has to respond then paypal will refund the full amount to me. They've become way more strict with their rules. and shipping isn't going to cost 50 bucks..and paypal actually does give partial refunds infact they ask you if you'd like to request a partial refund if you don't put in an amount they will just push for a full refund. also remember when paying with paypal a full refund includes the price for shipping.
  10. I feel your pain, but at least you got your merchandise..i got totally dicked and paypal/ebay didnt do jackkkkkk and multiply the value by about 17...i now insist on in person transactions or the other person ships first{might sound d ckish but im not going to make the same mistake 2x..i f'n hate ebay now{ps keep track of whether the seller keeps his account open or does an immediate closeout..once he does that its 100percent ebay/paypal's problem
  11. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    i don't think he well, he has well over 600+ feedback, i just think this is a case of him being to greedy. I've been screwed on ebay aswell, but i won't be this time, i have photo's on my side. Reading more indepth into his feedback this isn't the first bass he's sent with more damage than described.
  12. with 600+ feedback he wouldnt jeapordize that for a lower dollar amount..so i think the chances of him splitting are close to zero...check what other items he has listed now and see if there is a pattern...
  13. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    there is actually, this is what i got so far.

    bass has 2 bad tuners, body damage, not as discribed
    Buyer downgirl1 ( 3 ) Oct-09-05 09:54 7350437436

    It was not vintage floyd rose but a cheap korean speedloader copy.Neutral, sorry
    Buyer dosker0 ( 171) Sep-24-05 09:07 7338711768

    Advertised as new, wick charred
    Buyer william_dotson ( 2236)

    there's a few complains of items not coming as described, so i think this is a chalk up for me.
  14. Sufenta

    Sufenta Trudging The Happy Road of Destiny

    Mar 14, 2002
    The Signpost Up Ahead.
    Damn, I'm sure some people get good deals off sites like ebay, but stories like these make me more content with just forking up the extra $$ and getting whatever item I desire, full price, from an actual brick and mortar store.
    Good luck :meh:
  15. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    Yeah, take my word for it though, Ebay is great, i just get unlucky, there are some just flat out legit people that just do it for a living, i normally do the Ebay Stores because they are certified and everything, it sucks when you run into a problem like this though, it's timely and un-wanted. I sell on ebay regularly and i know how it is.
  16. e-bay is ok, for the under $500 purchase. i have bought 1 bass on e-bay, and it was fine. although i believe e-bay has become a "snake pit". i would never make a purchase over $500, without playing it first. fortunately, i live in an area that has ample supplies of used basses and amps, so i don't have to risk my money on e-bay.
  17. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    oh me neither, i would never put 500+ down on a bass i've never touched, i usually do craigslist but i was looking for a backup bass and all they had was crappy squires.
  18. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    I am convinced i am dealing with a snake. He filed a unpaid item dispute on me against ebay, paypal easily squashed that for me. He then sent me an ebay message with the following:

    I need the money placed back in paypal before a refund will be sent, It is very unfair that you have the bass and have paypal holding the money. I will refund but not until I have confirmation the bass is on its way and everything is out of the question until my funds are returned.

    Pretty much if you've never used paypal and you file a dispute the money gets frozen in your bank account to stop fraud, this guy wants me to unfreeze the money, send his bass back, and then hope he refunds me.

    Edit: i told him to look at paypal's resolution center and he replied to me with this:

    This was obviously damaged in shipping, Look at my feedback, you need to file with the usps,it is insured, I did not send a bass with a 3 x 3 crack , I need my money back , you have my item and my money, I will refund enough to get the pot fixed but the crack isn't my fault, ive sold 1000's of items on ebay and never sent a broken bass. I have filed with ebay . What is the point of insurance if it doesnt cover damaged items and I am to pay 125 to cover it and lose money ?

    Now as i already proved above he has sent a damaged bass to someone else :)
  19. I buy lots of gear off ebay, been jerked a few times. Your guy obviously intended to screw someone by omitting pics of the damaged area. I call that theft.

    My newest approach to ebaying is to only use Paypal, and entirely thru a credit card. This way, the next time some thief tells me the "Sold As Is" crap I'll dispute the payment with the credit card company immediately and worry about ebay "resolutions for disputes" later.

    If they'll do a charge-back for me, then I'll have the leverage to resolve the issue at my liesure, dedutcing of course any return shipping costs.

    I don't know if this strategy works, but I will certainly find out with the next ebay hassle. Good luck with yours.
  20. Embryodead

    Embryodead Banned

    Nov 30, 2005
    Providence, RI
    That sounds like a good idea, i debated on paying it with citibank card because of how easy it is to get refunded with it. I think this dispute will go my way either way. i have the bass and paypal has his money. everyone's winning so far but him.