SOLD EBMM Caprice - 7.7lb, Black, Rosewood fingerboard

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    Nov 30, 2018
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    The only excuse for selling this wonderful and quickly getting rare bass is that I have two of them already.

    Weight: 7.7lb.
    Due to low weight Caprice basses are susceptible to neck diving. Not a severe for this particular one, 4" wide strap was enough to mitigate, but I wanted a perfect balance and replaced original tuners with hipshot ultralites. Doing this shaved about 200g from headstock and made playing really enjoyable experience. I did not seal original screw holes, so should you want to revert to original tuners no need to drill, all original hardware is included and tuner plates will cover the hipshot screw hole.

    I can also restore headstock to its original state by installing original tuners. In this case I will reduce price by $100 (but I will keep the hipshot tuners).

    The bass was equipped with extra (midi) pickup at one time, that's why there are two sealed screw holes between bridge and bridge pickup. These are hardly noticeable, but still are the reason I lowered price to account for luthier expenses should you want to get rid of these spots. Otherwise it is in nearly excellent condition. No dings. Electronics works, truss rod works, straight neck with low action.

    Schaller strap lock buttons installed. Will include the matching strap locks.

    Original case included.

    Price includes shipping to CONUS.

    Will consider trade for AVRI Precision or Jazz.

    guitars5083.jpg guitars5093.jpg guitars5084.jpg guitars5088.jpg guitars5087.jpg guitars5099.jpg
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