SOLD EBMM Sterling 4H **Price Drop**

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    In preparation for an impending move, I'm trying to downsize my collection of gear a bit. All prices include a gig bag and free shipping CONUS. Please feel free to ask any questions.

    Warmoth Gecko 5 - TRADED - This is their "small" configuration. This bass was built using exclusively premium parts and plays like it. Very comfortable weight at less than 10 lbs and takes incredibly low action. 35" scale, 1.875" nut width, 18mm string spacing at the bridge. The body is roasted swamp ash with a tobacco burst finish. USA Hipshot Ultralites, Audere 4 band preamp, Nordstrand Zen Blade pickups (with a series/parallel switch for the bridge...IMO series is the way to go on these), 6230 stainless steel frets, wenge over maple (with graphite reinforcing rods) neck and a Hipshot A-style bridge. Exhibits general play wear.

    Musicman Sterling 4H - $800 - Full disclosure, this is a parts bass. The basses are from similar era and fit together like a glove. Rosewood over Maple neck, and a special run ash body with a satin clear finish. 3 Band EQ with the series, single coil, parallel switch. Plays wonderfully with no issues.

    Neck: SOLD - EB Musicman Sterling
    Body: SOLD - 1997 EBMM Sterling 4H Fretless in rare Natural Velvet finish

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    Gecko is both small body, and neck?
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    Yep. The different size geckos are not compatible with each other because of slightly different neck pocket dimensions.
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