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EBMM Sterling SUB 4H

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by leestefanski, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. I have an American made ernie ball music man sterling for sale/trade.
    it is the SUB model which just has a cheaper paint job and slab body (not contoured), not to be mistaken with sterling by music man brand.
    this bass sounds and feels just like a $1,000 EBMM and i get compliments almost every time i play it.
    black on black with a powder coat type paint job, headstock and back of neck is black.
    the previous owner replaced the preamp with a BASSLINES preamp which has a 3 band EQ, volume which is stacked with a mid cut option. Active single MM humbucker
    there is one chip in the paint on the body and small nicks on the headstock as shown in pictures, also the nut it cracked where the E string sits,
    its been that way the whole time ive owned it, just havent gotten around to replacing the nut, doesnt effect the string at all and gives you the ability to fit a larger gauge string on it.
    comes with the MM hardcase and strap locks.
    here is a link to all the specs

    $400 or would hear partial trade offers on an American or Japanese P-bass, P-delux, or MM with double humbucker (rosewood/sunburst or unique color combo)
    i am hoping for a local sale for now, ive never shipped a bass, but from my understanding its just a matter of getting a shipping box that fits the shape of the hardcase.
  2. having troubles uploading photos right now

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  3. headstock

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  4. .

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  6. PMs replied
    Still waiting on the perfect P bass trade offer
  7. Pending local sale tomorrow via Craigslist.
  8. SOLD!!! :bag:
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