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SOLD EBMM Stingray Classic (natural)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by joew, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. joew

    joew Supporting Member

    Reduced to $1200 shipped.

    Pristine (10/10) Stingray Classic - natural body, of course, with a gorgeous, highly figured birdseye maple neck. Strung with D'Addario flats. The bass is in MINT CONDITION and includes the original hard case with some case candy. Not a scratch on her; case is in great shape, too. A metal trim piece on the case is bent slightly on the bottom, but the case opens and closes without trouble. Weight: 10.4 (according to previous owner)

    I bought the bass a few months back from another TBer - here's the original thread, including additional pics (bass and case) - but this baby has been hanging on my wall since. Band is on hiatus at the moment and I've got other basses.

    No trades please (unless you're Jimmy Johnson and you want to trade your 5 string Alembic from 1976). $1,200 shipped. No international shipping. Paypal preferred.
    IMG_9457. IMG_9456. IMG_9455. IMG_9454. IMG_9453. IMG_9452. IMG_9450. IMG_9449. IMG_9447. IMG_9446. IMG_9445. IMG_9444. IMG_9443. IMG_9442. IMG_9441.
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