SOLD EBMM StingRay Special (Sunburst)

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    Hello all. Up for sale or trade is my 2018 EBMM StingRay special in the beautiful (and discontinued) sunburst with a roasted maple neck. I wanted to love it, but I'm just not a stingray guy.

    Its MINT as I cannot find a single flaw. It weighs in at 8.4lbs and comes with the OHSC with all the case candy.

    I think the strings are EB slinkys but I'm not sure as I got it used myself.

    TRADES: I'm in the market for a nice hollow body bass or something with Bisonics in it. Specifically, a Lakland Hollowbody (fullscale please, not the new 30). Let me know!

    Send any questions you got. IMG_5043.jpg IMG_5044.jpg IMG_5045.jpg IMG_5046.jpg
  2. Hidesert


    Oct 7, 2011
    Santa Fe
    I have a perfect 2001 US Lakland Hollowbody in Shoreline Gold with a rosewood board, Bartolini pickups, and HS (Skyline) Case.
    It’s gorgeous, rare, and in perfect, unaltered original condition.

    I would need $$$ in addition to the Stingray to make a trade work. If you’re interested I can send pics.


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