SOLD EBMM SUB Stingray Active

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    Selling a very late Ernie Ball SUB 4 in black. This is the active version with the famous Music Man 2-band EQ. This is one of the very last SUBs made, with a compensated nut. The bass is in good condition with a few minor cosmetic dings. These basses have a kind of textured finish that doesn't show a lot of wear. Unlike most SUBs, this one has a black pickguard instead of the "tinfoil" / diamond plate look metal.

    No case but I'll ship in a Sterling by Music Man heavy duty padded gig bag. The bag is seriously nice, much better than most of the music-store variety bags I've used.

    Asking $450 shipped in the US. I'll be happy to ship internationally but it'll cost a bit more, and will probably require shipping the bass disassembled. No trades, selling to finance a pre-EB Stingray. IMG_9144.JPG IMG_9146.JPG IMG_9148.JPG