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Ebony story

Discussion in 'Bass Humor [DB]' started by Jeff Bollbach, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. Jeff Bollbach

    Jeff Bollbach Jeff Bollbach Luthier, Inc.

    Dec 12, 2001
    freeport, ny
    When I first started my own business as a luthier my wife was trying to convince me to get a computer. Now, I was very happy working in much the same way as luthiers did two hundred years ago so I was resistant. But finally, playing the angle that it was crucial for my son's education, she convinced me. So we get the infernal machine and set it up. My wife tells me it'll be good for business-I can use it to find all kinds of luthier related stuff. Ok, so she tries to teach me to do a search. Now you gotta know I'm like Homer Simpson where his monitor says "press any key to escape" and he cries out "Where's the any key- I don't see the any key!". Finally, I get the idea and she leaves me alone. I figured I could find some more sources for ebony-always a useful wood in my profession. So I do a search for ebony.Within a few seconds I was looking at a picture of Ebony. I call my wife back in the room and ask her if this was why the computer was so useful. Of course the monitor displayed a young woman of African-American extraction, completely naked and in a somewhat less than modest pose. Her name was Ebony.
    Years later I told my friend John Dewitt this story and the next day he calls me and claims he can't find her. I'm sure she's out there somewhere I told him wistfully.
  2. Jeff:

    Were her fingerboard prices reasonable?
  3. Don Higdon

    Don Higdon In Memoriam

    Dec 11, 1999
    Princeton Junction, NJ
    I was wondering about her tailpiece...
  4. Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald Student of Life Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 19, 2000
    Louisville, KY
    ...and whether it was a good match for your adjustable endpin?

    Man, I can't wait 'till PUFFGRUBBY sees this one...:D
  5. I love Ebony; her sister Rosewood isn’t bad either.

    These girls both deal in wood but not the kind you might be thinking of. I would add that they would both add to your son’s education. A woman with a "less than modest pose" Will do that.

    I think you have two choices at this point.
    1. Learn to use the computer better.
    2. Keep searching for Ebony till your wife takes it away.

    If you choice is #2 spend more time searching for Ebony and the event will happen before you know it.
    If you choice is #1 use a search engine like www.hotbot.com where you can tell it to search only on your specific phrase i.e. "Ebony Fingerboards" you really need to be more specific in your searching, once you get the method down your searches will give you better results.

    If you choose to combine #1 and #2 some other words that can bring surprising results would be:

    American Dolls
    Horse Lover
    And yes

    If you need any more help PM me.
  6. Basman


    Mar 27, 2002
    Try finding scores for "Love Rears (it's ugly head)" and be surprised.:confused:

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