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  1. Any EBow users out there? i was wondering what it is. is it a bow for Bass guitar or what?
  2. www.ebow.com explains it well, plus they have sound samples.

    Be sure to check out the FAQ. The unit was designed for guitar and it takes some practice to get it to work well with bass. The FAQ talks about using it with bass.
  3. Thanks. Just last night i said to my self in bed "Why not just try www.ebow.com?" I guess it was a brain-blackout
  4. Freaky - I got mine waaay back, so it's not the latest model. I still use it for rave gigs because the sustain lets you do some freaky things. Learning to use it is a little tricky and takes patience, (like most worthwhile things in music). I hold mine at a diagonal angle to the string I'm vibrating.

    You might ask Steve Lawson in the Pro Forums. He probably has a newer model and he is a master with it.
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    Here is Steve Lawson's review of the Ebow from his site:

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    I use mine all the time. I have the newest model which does regualr sustain as well as the harmonic feature. They were initially designed for use with guitar because of the design of the string rests. But it works great for bass!!! Especially fretless even more so than guitar. They take a little practice because they are so touchy, there are so many possibilities for it.
  7. Mine doesn't work well with my active bass, the sound is terrible. But with guitar.. oh boy.

    Acoustic guitar with a slide sounds absolutely out of this world.