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SOLD EBS black label pedals true bypass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by ThumbyAche, May 8, 2017.

  1. ThumbyAche

    ThumbyAche Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2005
    Pacific NW
    i have a the following pedals for trade:
    Ebs dPhaser
    Ebs unichorus
    Ebs multidrive
    Ebs multicomp
    Ebs octabass

    All with boxes and manuals and Velcro on the bottom.

    I'm looking for and willing to trade for/towards for the following:

    Mad professor Snow White bass auto wah
    Red witch Zeus or factotem
    3 leaf enabler
    3 leaf octavbre (mini is fine too)
    Radial bassbone v2
    Providence anadime chorus
    Damnation audio mbd-1
    Mxr m-80
    Last edited: May 14, 2017

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