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EBS Fafner in 4-Space Roto Rack, $725

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Peter McFerrin, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. I'm heading to grad school soon and need to downsize what is already a very compact gigging rig. Along with the two Aguilar GS112s listed below, I'm selling my beloved EBS Fafner.

    This is a first-run (silly Viking faceplate, no front-panel DI) version of what may be the finest bass head made. The nominal power rating is 440 watts RMS; oh, those silly, overcautious Swedes! This sucker is LOUD. What's more, you WILL hear the tone of your bass through this amp. The fact that this amp's endorsers range from American fusion geeks to Scandinavian metalheads indicates its versatility. Want SWR sizzle? Ampeg grunt? G-K snarl? They're there, and a whole bunch of other tones as well. The equalization circuit is simple, straightforward, and powerful. The compressor is wonderful, and the overdrive circuit is fabulous in both modes. Oh, and did I mention that it's loud?

    There are some defects in this particular specimen. The Speakon output jack is flaky, and the red light bulb (the one that illuminates the 12AX7 in the overdrive circuit) is out. However, the amp functions magnificently in all other regards. Included are two banana-to-Speakon and one banana-to-1/4" power cables.

    The amp is housed in a 4-space SKB Roto Rack, and I would prefer to ship the two together. If you really want the naked amp (so defenseless!), I'll give it to you for $700.

    I will deliver to buyers in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford, Quad Cities, and Madison areas. Otherwise, buyer pays for shipping from 60051 (I prefer FedEx Ground, but if you insist on UPS you can go right ahead). PayPal (x1.03 for fees), cashier's check, or money order preferred.
  2. Price reduced to $675 for the head and the rack, and $650 for just the head.
  3. Going up for consignment. Sorry, y'all. I'll delete this thread tomorrow.

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