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EBS Fafner ... -WOW!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Tuomas, May 30, 2000.

  1. Tuomas


    Mar 14, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    I don't know what actually happened, but I have some weird beliefs that I went to the local bass shop, plugged my stingray into many amps in order to find The Perfect Tone. After fooling around for almost four hours with such brands as Eden, SWR, MESA/BOOGIE etc, I tried out an amp made by EBS trough 4x10 EBS cabinet. And the search was over. The slap tone... unbelievable. I just can't get it trough my skull.

    Has anyone ever noticed something like that happen to them with EBS Fafners included, cause I'm gettin worried...??
  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Ha, Ha, Ha!!! I just bought a Fafner not 2 weeks ago, and the matching 4x10. For everything else I've heard, it's like I've heard nothing else!!!

    I've totally given up on looking for the perfect gear. I think EBS has taken that slot!!! I've always said I've found my last bass, in my Spector NS-4. Now I've found the perfect amp to compliment it!!!
  3. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    Congrats on finding your perfect setup, Ram. What are you going to do now the search is over?

    Will C. cool.

    You can't hold no groove if you ain't got no pocket!

    [This message has been edited by Big Wheel (edited May 30, 2000).]
  4. Tuomas


    Mar 14, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    Damn, RAM! Well I'm going to do the same thing at the very moment i get all the money... The slap tone is divine, don't you think?

    I guess that now you just have to keep on training and become the best sounding bass player on earth.
  5. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Yup! I definitely deserve all that, don't I??? I really like the Fafner. I get excited about that stuff. I got excited the same way 6 years ago with my Trace and 5 years ago with my Modulus. Perfect setup. Don't have either anymore!!! Gotta love changing tastes!

    But, I've learned my lesson...never get rid of gear. Just accumulate it instead!!!

    Oh, and by the way...I picked up my cabinet from r2musical. They have deals that blow anyone else out of the water, if you don't mind a demo...Check out their website at www.r2musical.com

    I paid $1000 for my Fafner and $720 for my 4x10. Noone else even came within $500 of that price!!! Granted, mine's a demo, but with full factory warranty!
  6. Tuomas


    Mar 14, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    I've actually never wanted to change a bass after I my hands were big enough for stingray when I was something like 11 years old, but I've never been satisfied with any amp. That's why I was so stoked by the fafner..

    But I have one advantage, EBS prime dealer is bass center in Helsinki who have factory direct prices (that is something like 950$ for the head so it's pretty much the same as the price you paid)... And even if that boutique would suddenly just explode or something like that (can happen you know...) the EBS factory would be a quick visit over the weekend since it's in Sweden. That is good thing, since the dollar is very valuable. One USD is usually something like 4.5 to 5 finnish marks, but at the moment it's almost 7 finnish marks or 9.7 swedish.. well swedish whatever..chrones? That's why EBS amps are cheap for americans who can buy them with strong current and for europeans who don't have to pay any extra because of the high price of dollar. Everyone wins!
  7. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Something interesting here...EBS makes such wonderful gear! Ask anybody who carries brands such as Demeter, Kern, Alembic, Eden, Aguilar.

    But, noone ever has ANYTHING to say about it in these threads! Nobody even seems interested in this gear. WHY???

    You must try this stuff!
  8. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Supporting Member

    Mar 8, 2000
    Gaithersburg, Md
    DR Strings
    Why don't people talk about them?..because they aren't well known outside of a small circle. I've met Rawn at R2, I believe he's the US distributor for EBS. No one carries them locally here in MD. Not as rare as Walter Woods but not much better market presence.

    I was interested in the Drome after a visit to R2 but found that while it was very nice for it's size and had features not found anywhere else (in total) it didn't cover a stage as well as the Ampeg B-100R, so I got the Ampeg. If I wasn't completely happy with my current head I'd consider the Fafner. EBS is very nice.
  9. coyoteboy

    coyoteboy easy there, Ned Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2000
    Sactomato, CA
    Hello again, RAM, you have the Fafner. Any experience wiht the 1V2 classic preamp by EBS? I'm looking for a replacement for the so-so sounding Eden Navigator that I have. It has tons of features, but the sound sorta just sits there if you know what I mean. Of course I could get an Aguilar(I have the DB 728 power amp) but the DB 680 is too expensive and the DB 659 is a little short of features. Demeter has a new pre with a full parametric eq that looks nice. Any thoughts, anybody??
  10. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    coyoteboy...I had a very difficult time, even in the great city of Chicago, finding Demeter or Aguilar gear. I know there's a shop north of the border in Wisconsin that carries Aguilar, but I don't know what gear they actually have in stock.

    What little I did learn, I learned from talking to those over at Bass NW. I believe they carry most of these brands and were pretty happy with them. When I asked them about EBS stuff (I didn't tell them I owned it...just that I had heard it and wanted a comparison between EBS and the others), they just indicated they were very happy with the EBS.

    I don't know where you can pick up the 1V2 classic preamp, but you can call Rawn Randall at r2musical. He's the US distributor for EBS and helped me out. He might have some refurbished gear with full warranties for less than some retail stores would. Also, you can check out the EBS website to obtain a list of dealers.

    Brad...I do agree with you (strange, huh???) that EBS is nice, but not a lot of people know about it and it's not readily available in most areas.

    On the other hand, as I indicated above, neither is Aguilar or Demeter (perhaps moreso, though), but I've heard EBS compared to this level of gear. Not that I'm saying one is better than another, but I DO feel that if you're in that market (for the high end stuff), you should at least hear EBS gear to see if you're interested in it. If you don't like it, then don't buy it.

    I haven't heard the Drome, so I'll just take your word for it. And, I haven't yet played my Fafner on a stage. It may be a while. I just received it, so I'm still tinkering. But, I will tell you that it hits you so hard in the chest that I have to really brace myself when playing agressive right hand stuff!!!
  11. Tuomas


    Mar 14, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    The classic EBS pre-amp is a goodie. My teacher has one with a MESA BOOGIE power amp in his rack. It's pretty much same as the Fafner, but not identical. It has more delicate sound...maybe. Some people say that the sound is same..dunno. They're both great, that's for sure.

    But the punch is EBS's thing in my opinion. Slapping through one is wonderful! I'm really picky when it comes to slap tone, so I always tried to avoid slapping on stage with my Gallien&Krueger rig, but with EBS it's really easy go off with some cool slap tones. Especially with the Stingray bass which has some punch in it's sleeves too.. It's a very "in your face" sound.

    And I don't usually have to eq. my bass at all with fafner. Sometimes I add a little bit of bass, but not always. Then i put the few preshapes that I like on and voilá: perfect sound!

    And If I wan't to make the earth shake, I add a EBS compression pedal which is really good . (Fafner has an excellent built-in compressor too, but I use a pedal since I don't wan't to use compression through whole songs) for bringing solos up.
  12. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I'm really just beginning to understand my Fafner. Last night I was jamming along with a CD and wanted to experiment with a couple of settings to see what they'd sound like. I'm leaving the treble and bass set pretty close to flat. Then, for a wide array of tones, I set the midrange frequencey at around 10 o'clock and the level of it I just kept adjusting. My favorite is around 2 o'clock. Oh! The punch that comes through - OH MY GOD! It hits you SO hard!!! biggrin. biggrin. biggrin.

    I also tried varying the drive control a little bit. I like a touch and that's about it. It really fattens up the sound.

    Another interesting thing...when I tried it out in the store, I remember thinking that it was a lot dirtier than it ended up being. I like dirt, but not all that much. I like it more now that I own it and have had a chance to get to know the settings. And, with my Spector...I love this puppy!!!
  13. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Bob C.

    I don't understand your post. You combined my comments and someone elses without any commentary. What's up???
  14. JimS

    JimS Supporting Member

    I am thinking of moving from my Eden Metro 2x10 combo to the Fafner head w/ EBS 4x10 cab. The move is not for more power but for "better" tone and versatility. Has anybody compared the two...or an Eden head+cab w/the Fafner? I like the Eden Metro quite a bit but am suckered or drawn by the lure of even better tone and punch. I'm also attracted to the paucity of controls of the Fafner. I love the Eden enhance knob but certainly do not need all the mid parametric e.q. knobs.

    I tried a Kern preamp w/ (?Crown) power amp. Great transparency and clarity but I believe my current setup and the Fafner would be more versatile.

    I predominantly play funk/slap Whooten /Marcus Miller but occasionally like to get a more grindy Geddy Lee tone.

    Comments? Thanks for any help in advance.
    (The bass will be a Sadowsky jazz which I have on order.)
  15. Actually, the Fafner came in a real close second to the Eden head that I ended up buying. They both were the top sounding amps. I also tried out the Gallien Krueger 2000RB, SWR SM-900, Ampeg SVT-IV and a Trace Elliot.The semi-parametric EQ on the Eden was the deciding factor. Needless to say, I would have been happy with the Fafner as well. If I had the extra cash and room on stage then I'd own both!
  16. JimS

    JimS Supporting Member

    Other than the parametric e.q., you felt the Fafner and Eden were comparable in tones and versatility?
  17. I guy I know, a touring bassist, just got back from NAMM, and he said the EBS Fafner and 4x10 is the holy grail. He said he played a gig in L.A. on an Ashdown rig and thought that was the be-all, end-all until he played the EBS. So, another vote for EBS!
  18. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I am the proud owner of the Fafner with an EBS 4x10 cab. The cabinet itself is so loud and punchy that when I hooked it up to my little GK practice amp as an external speaker, the 100 watts sounded as if it were 250! The sensitivity rate on the EBS cab is 111 db, which is about the highest you'll find.

    The Fafner is really diverse as well! I compared it to the Kern, and while the Kern has been called a "masterpiece" in some reviews, I'd call it not terribly versatile. My opinion. And a few others...

    Then, I also did some research, called BassNW and sent a private e-mail to a very well respected amp-guy who often shows up in these threads. Both told me that even in their opinion, the Fafner cut through a wall of guitars far better than the Eden did...in fact, "the Fafner does NOT get lost in the mix like the Eden does"...as was told to me by this individual.

    Still not convinced, because I still don't know many people who have them, I then asked the person above as well as BassNW about the quality and repair history...both indicated that they were totally, TOTALLY top notch! I also read the review in Bass Player magazine that had the best things to say about the Fafner! They didn't get to test the 4x10, but I'll tell you...just absolutely the best I've ever heard!

    Another thing...versatility...the Fafner has a tube placed AFTER the preamp signal path. This thing gets as clean as it can! But, turn up that tube, and here comes the distortion! Play it any way you want.

    My only advice...if you're leaning away from getting the EBS, don't ever play it again. It'll change your mind.
  19. Bob C

    Bob C

    Mar 26, 2000
    Duluth, MN
    This has been brought up, but not really answered: Does anyone know the price (U.S. dollars) of the EBS-1V2 preamp? I seem to remember something like $1300 at r2musical.com, but don't know if this was list or discount, new, used or demo, etc.

  20. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Not sure...call Rawn Randall at r2musical and ask him for a price. I can tell you that he's a distributor, THE North American distributor for EBS gear. Chances are if you're buying from him there's only one of two possible alternatives:

    1. You're buying demo/refurbished gear with full warranty at steep discounts

    2. You're buying retail, and he'll only sell retail if there isn't an EBS dealer in your area. Since that's likely, I'd also contact Bass NW in Seattle and ask them if they carry this and how much they sell it for.

    To my knowledge, these two places have the best prices on EBS gear in the US.

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