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EBS HD350 question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by vdbroek81, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone know if the EBS HD350 can have a load of 2 Ohm?

    I am planning to but a HD350 plus a 410 cabinet, but the cabinet is 4 ohm. What if I want a second cabinet (1x15") The fafner TD600 is an option but more expensive and I do like the HD350 very much.

    The online manual says 350W at 4 ohm so I guess the answer is no. But somewhere in this forum I read it can drive 2 ohm.

    Many thanks for your reply
  2. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    It says 2-8 ohm on mine.:)
  3. bassomane


    Apr 3, 2002
    The EBS HD350 is ready for a load of 2 Ohm. The output power will remain the same. Only the peak power does increase. This was the Information i've got direct from EBS.
  4. Ok, thanks for your replies! This makes it possible to connect two cabinets which is great. Though I still asume it is not designed for it?

    Still can not choose between the fafner TD600 and the HD350. Especially because the Fafner is quite reasonable priced at this moment.

    Any hints from EBS fafner and HD350 owners?

    Thanks again
  5. Had a long convesation with Bernie Goodfellow today on the phone regarding EBS equipment..

    the HD350 can be loaded to 2ohms without any problmes as can the Fafner...

    All he said to me

    If you play blues, funk and Jazz style.. go with the Fafner

    If you play Rockier/punkier stuff then go with the HD350

    He also mentioned to me that the power rating on the HD350 is a lie.. its a lot louder than it says, he reckons it acts more like a 500w or 600w head just because of the quality of components and the way the signal flows,

    i shall be testing them hard at music live, tho i have read that EBS isnt so good for fingerstlyes...so only the ears will tell...
  6. bassomane


    Apr 3, 2002
    "tho i have read that EBS isnt so good for fingerstlyes..."
    This is an absolutely nonsense. You will get an incredible fingerstyle sound with EBS using the drive knob. The reason why this rumor still exists is that people test the EBS amps at the Musicstores without knowing to set them right. An EBS Amp with drive at zero has incredible dynamics which means that very good technic is necessery for a good sound. With higher drive settings the sound becomes rounder and more compressed. Now it acts like a tube amp. Perfect for fingerstyle.
  7. Thanks all for your advices.

    I decided to order myself an EBS Fafner TD600 / 410 configuration!! Yeehooo!!!

    I let you know when it has arrived!
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