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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by AllodoX, Jan 6, 2002.

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    Ease of Use
    A 2-years old kid could use this pedal...
    The top of the pedal features :
    <li>a small led which indicated if the pedal is on/off. </li>
    <li>a big on/off switch</li>
    <li>a small 3-way switch, which allows you to choose
    the type of overdrive. You can choose between :
    <li>a knob which controls the amount of overdrive</li>
    <li>a know which controls the output gain</li>

    The left side of the pedal has a small switch that
    selects either passive- or active input.

    Sound Quality
    Judge for yourself ( never mind the crappy bassplayer * :rolleyes: )

    Flat mode, this mode gives a fuzz-like sound if the gain it set high, i'd reccomend low-gain settings for this mode.

    Standard mode, this mode bypasses the low-end, and sounds great with a pick.

    Tumesimulator mode, this mode enables a second tubesimulator, which makes the sound a little warmer.. It makes the bass sound a little vintage if you put the gain at medium.

    Steel housing, solid buttons.. the proof of quality :D

    It rocks.. imho 100 % worth it's price ( which is rather high, tho.. )

    * = very little sleep last night
  2. Hey AllodoX, Do you work for EBS or something? Do they pay you to advertise? Or you just a really really big fan? Just asking cause every thread I see your raving about EBS. :)
  3. No.. but when i buy something which i like.. i 100 % support and endorse it :)
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