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EBS preamps (v2 vs. Classic)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Golem II, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. Golem II

    Golem II

    Jan 4, 2002
    Macon, GA, USA
    I'm currently obsessed with EBS' HD350 head (the sound samples just hijacked my brain... even though quicktime causes my computer to crash when I play them for a few seconds,) but I'm a little put off by the price and the fairly low power rating. Does anyone think I could get a similar sound by combining one of EBS' preamps with a poweramp like a QSC PLX? Does the whole Mosfet thing have a significant impact on the HD350's sound? (if it does, I could go with the HD650 or Fafner instead.) Also, which EBS preamp do you think would be closer to the HD's sound? From what I've heard (which mostly comes from badly translated Swedish reviews,) the EBS-1 Classic is supposed to be "warmer" and the V2 is more complicated but possibly more "flexible".

    To anyone who's used an EBS preamp: are these preamps capable of dirty tones and heavy distorion on their own? EBS' site seems to state that you can use the filter section of the Classic to overdrive the preamp, but I'm not sure if we have the same idea here. For an idea of the sound I want, listen to the distorted HD350 sound samples on www.ebs.bass.se . Of course, I could use a stomp box for distortion if I needed to.
  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    All I can say is that, from what I've read, the EBS preamps are boost only, no cut. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. In fact, even if I'm right, that may not be an issue. I'm simply not familiar with them.

    I will say, though, before you say that the HD350 is simply not loud enough, I'd IMPLORE you to try it out before you decide. How much power do you need, anyway?
  3. unlined4string

    unlined4string Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    Baltimore County, Md.
    I only have experience with the EBS-1v2 preamp. It's my absolute favorite. I love the sound of this preamp with the EQ bypassed. Specs for bandwidth, s/n ratio, distortion and gain are studio grade. Build quality is first rate.

    It's a somewhat eccentric (but very flexible) design that takes some getting used to. I don't mind the boost only EQ; If I need to cut anything it's generally bass or treble, which I can cut using the instrument EQ. Outboard EQ is always an option. My advice is to start flat and use EQ only if absolutely necessary. That's how I get the best sounds out of the EBS1-v2.

    You should try one for yourself of course. I prefer a super clean modern hi-fi solid state sound; if you prefer tubes and overdriving the preamp, this would not be the preamp for you at all.
  4. Golem II

    Golem II

    Jan 4, 2002
    Macon, GA, USA
    I plan to drive a pair of either Aguilar GS112s or Acme low B2's. The Acme's are infamous for their need for power, and even the Aguilars might be underpowered at 175w per cab, though I know power ratings don't have much bearing on loudness. I also couldn't biamp with the HD350 (or any of EBS' current heads, for that matter.)
  5. Kevinlane

    Kevinlane Supporting Member

    Dec 30, 2000
    Missouri, near Branson
    Golem, I have both the EBS1 v2 and I own an hd350 powering a pair of Aggie 112s.

    The classic is supposed to have CUT and boost.
    V2 has only boost, but you can combine the guitar straight signal with the EQ, so I use this combining the two and using the EQ to "sweeten" the signal. It's very clean though. as I understand, the Classic will get overdriven, how much I don't know. I use this with a Trace Elliot mosfet power. And in my estimation, YES, Mosfet makes a difference. I have owned a PLX 1602, and besides weight, I was not impressed. No real guts, volume, but no guts. I replace that with a Mackie 1400 it had more guts, and weight. I then got a chance to buy a Trace PPA600, wow, not louder, but had the push or guts,(and more weight) much more rich and punchy than either Mackie or PLX. (this rig used Eden and then later on Epifani boxes)

    HD 350 will get dirty and it's very loud for it's rating.
    What kinda music are you playing?
    I use it with one gs 112 at church and I'm in a 10 piece R&B horn band. (No problem using two 112s.) One thing about the 350 is it does "go to 11". You can literally use ALL of the volume control, not like every other amp you have used where much past 50% is where the power amp's inuts is overdriven by the pre. Also the 350 has that push or guts AND it's really light.

    I used to use all Trace stuff as I thought that that was clean, but the EBS stuff, now that is CLEAN! The adding variable saturation above 350hz is, I believe, a great Idea.

    EBS-1 v2= very clean
    Classic = variety(so I'm told)
    Mosfet= yes for the right kinda punch
    HD 350= Great little, powerful package that's really versatile, clean or OD
  6. all i know about ebs is that they make a 4x10 or 4x12 combo.i whished i had the money for that.
  7. Golem II

    Golem II

    Jan 4, 2002
    Macon, GA, USA
    My newest and loudest band has two 100-watt guitarists and a drummer with about 600 cymbals. I had the misfortune of playing an outdoor gig with them with no PA. I got completely drowned out using an eden 210xlt and an Aguilar gs112, each powered with 200 watts. Most of the time, I play in rooms with a bit more resonance and don't have to push my amp too hard, but those gigs don't seem to justify lugging around my 45 pound poweramp. I ditched the 210XLT to buy either a lighter or louder cab (haven't decided which yet, but my back wants a second aggie 12 right now.)

    Anyway, I'm looking for a store that'll sell me both a second aggie 112 and an HD350, got any suggestions? Basscentral's advertising an HD350, but since they don't seem to normally stock EBS I can't tell if it's used or a demo or what. Guess I'll give Gard a call.
  8. Golem II

    Golem II

    Jan 4, 2002
    Macon, GA, USA
    One more thing... The sound samples on EBS' website list combinations of three modes, clean, distorted and "PLK". What does PLK stand for/mean? It just sounds like a distortion with a slightly different character to me.
  9. PLK stands for played with a pick (plektrum in Swedish).
    Next week, EBS are releasing their new 1x12". 300W RMS, only 11kg (24-25lb)!!! Sounds really interesting!
  10. If your band is that loud, a bigger amp alone may not solve your problem. There's only so much you can expect from two 12s, no matter how good they are and how much power you throw at them. You may need more speaker area and might benefit as much or more from adding more speakers as from adding more amp. If weight is an issue--and when is it not?--I believe Epifani is making an ultralight series now.

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