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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Son of Bovril, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Ok - the music shop here has taken over 6 months to bring in a Fender 300 pro!

    They finally brought in a Fender 800 Pro (which I didn't ask for), but I also have the option of an EBS TD650 with EBS proline 4X10 and 1X15...

    Question is: EBS TD650 or Fender 800 Pro?

    I'm sick of waiting for these guys, so the Fender 300 pro is not an option anymore!

    ps. how would I make a poll for this question?
  2. Jackbass


    Dec 19, 2003
    Paris (FRANCE)
    :eek: Great joke my friend!! :D

    EBS for sure!!!! You are looking for an awesome set up!
  3. why is it that whenever I meantion the Fender 800 pro, or any of their new stuff for that matter, that everyone here goes quiet
  4. Turlu

    Turlu Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2000
    Ottawa, Ontario CANADA
    I know one thing, the wait for the Fender Pro 300 all tube head will be worth it. Superb all tube amp with more power than you will ever need !

    The Fender pro 800 seems also interesting but never tried it.
  5. Don't know much about the Fender line of amps... never heard one, never have known anyone who uses one... so no comment there.

    I have owned the 650. Very nice head...

    positives... extremely crisp, clean, hi fi sound, plenty of power (although it will only put out full power into 2ohms), very good treble end control... with a treble control and variable brite control at very high treble frequency for sparkle, plus tube emulation and true tube stage in preamp.

    negatives.... for its size (three full rack spaces) and cost (really expensive), and given that most of us use a 4ohm load as our lowest cab combination... it seems very underpowered. I mentioned 'plenty of power' in the positives, and it does get loud in an absolute sense... but you can get a head with a comparable sound (iAmp800, Thunderfunk500, Eden550, etc.) for 2/3rds the price that puts out more power into 4ohms.

    Finally, if you typically run a 4ohm load, the HD350 puts out similar power into 4ohms (350 for the HD versus 440 for the TD), is much lighter, smaller (2 rack spaces), and much less expensive and will get you 90% there compared to the 650. I also didn't miss the real tube overdrive capability... the 350 tube emulation is very good.

    Anyway, just something to think about. The 650 is a great head... just seems big and expensive for what you get IMO.
  6. I dunno about all tube - I tried out the fafner also, and I prefered the crispness of the TD650 - the fafner tone seems to have a sorta tube glow to the sound. Nice and warm, but a bit too fluffy for my liking.
  7. So would your recomend the Eden WT-550 to the EBS TD650
  8. IMO... that's a big yes... smaller, more powerful into 4ohms, lighter, more powerful EQ, etc... and much less money. Also, the tube preamp on the Eden line seems more natural versus the 'overdrive' sort of way the EBS is set up (again, just personal preference) At this point, it's pretty much personal taste... the EBS gear is great stuff. I really like that Eden550 though. TBer Wilbyman just got one... you might want to PM him for his thoughts, or wait until he posts his comments on this thread!

    The EBS stuff really excels at bright hi-fi slapping and also if you want massive overdrive using the drive control (kind of weird, since to me those sounds are on different ends of the sound spectrum, but that amp seems to do both well). However, the Eden stuff (and other heads mentioned on the site) seem to be much better all-around sounding heads in a smaller, lighter, less expensive package.
  9. hmmm... maybe I just haven't played around with the eden enough to find my sound with it - it didn't seem to have that much power at 8 ohms though through a 410xlt cab?
  10. At 8ohms it doesn't... but the EBS650 into 8ohms only puts out a couple of hundred watts also. The new Eden800B is the voice of you know who... and it can run bridged into a 4 or 8ohm load. That is an amazing amp. However, I can't imagine a gig that you couldn't pretty much handle with the 550 into a large cab running at 4ohms. Good luck on your search... it sounds like all the amps you are considering are high quality and good in their own way.

  11. bugbass


    Apr 8, 2004
    I find my TD650 to be a very versatile head. I can get hi-fi crisp sound, a more thicker sound if I use the drive knob, and also a very good overdrive/tube-like sound.

    The build in compressor is very good, and it`s very loud in 4 ohm (with the EBS 410 cab). Plays very loud for a 440w amp! Much headroom!!

    The EQ section works very well, very responsive.

    I see that others on this forum puts the EBS amps on top of the hi-fi sounding amps. I must say that the SWR SM900 I had for a long time is much more hi-fi than the TD650.

    The TD650 410+115 is a killer rig!!
  12. Thanx. I'll give them all a good try first...
  13. What about the EBS FAFNER, everyone seem to rate this amp very highly, yet it's sound is very similar to the TD650 (with the tube engaged) and is slightly less powerfull, yet more expensive?
  14. bugbass


    Apr 8, 2004
    The Fafner is more of an rock amp, a little more tubeish.
    You can`t get it to sound like an TD650, but with a little tweaking of knobs you can dial in a Fafner sound from the 650.
    I liked both, but found the 650 more versatile.

    The Fafner is also an very loud amp. can handle 2 ohms load.
    I`ve heard about some problems with the Fafner, and a long time EBS endorser advised me to go for the 650, he said the 650 was a better buildt, and more versatile amp.

    The Fafner looks way cooler...
  15. I vote Fender man! I love the tone of Fender Amps.
  16. +1

    Fender 800 Pro - tone of the 400 pro with all kinds of headroom. :bassist:
  17. I revived this thread because the major retailers (CG, MF, M123) are clearing these out at what appears to be an insanely good discount. Fender doesn't show it on it's website anymore, but the manual's available there for download.

    800W at 4 ohms ; 1,200W at 2 ohms
    Speakon and 1/4" connectors
    5-band EQ with 3-band semi-parametric EQ with on/off and gain control
    Anyone have any experiences with this amp, good or bad?
  18. Anybody use/see/hear the Fender 800 Pro?
  19. Cstanley


    Jun 25, 2010
    Hey I thought id chime in on this one.
    I own the Fender 800 and tbh I've gotten nothing but complements about it not only when I'm playing it but when other people sit in on it
    If you can find one I would definitely give it a shot its very punchy and has been solid with whatever I plug into it.
    I am running it through two Ampeg 410HE and am playing styles ranging from blues to metal this combo handles it all without breaking a sweat.

    Oh and I'm new here so Aloha everyone
  20. churchpark


    Jun 21, 2007
    I own and now play with tis head at church and its is truly a veratile amp. Plenty of headroom pushing it through a 4 ohm 410 cab. However, if not for the power and headroom, I would then down grade it. The major problem that I am have is with the EQ parametrics. It is very difficult to dial in scooped mids and release those nasally crisp highs when slapping.

    If anyone has one of these I would appreciate a recommeneded settings chart and maybe make my dream come true. :bassist: