SOLD EBS "The Ultimate" Billy Sheehan Signature Drive / Boost / Distortion Pedal

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    Mar 2, 2005
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    EBS BS (1).jpg EBS BS (2).jpg EBS BS (3).jpg EBS BS (4).jpg

    This EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Drive Overdrive / Distortion / Compression pedal is a New, Open Box. Box got a little banged up in transit but the pedal is perfect. Tested and working perfectly, sounds pretty awesome:

    • Hi or Lo Frequency range Switch.
    • Boost Drive Footswitch.
    • Phase Inverter Switch.
    • Drive, Tone, Level and Clean controls.
    • Three Compressor Modes – High, Mid, Off
    • Clean Loop and Drive Loop (use an insert cable, such as the EBS ICY-30 to separate send and return).
    • Magnet Type Footswitches.
    • Advanced Features Inside
    • Replaceable Drive Circuit (8-pin Dual Inline Op-Amp Controlling Drive Circuit).
    • Fine tuning trimmers to adjust Threshold level of the compressor (THR.) and the level of Compression when the mode switch is set to MID (COMP).
    • Trim pot to set the BOOST switch level inside.
    • Power options 9V DC battery or EBS AD9 Pro Power Supply (not included)

    SELLING FOR $225 SHIPPED IN THE US. International shipping is no problem, just PM for a quote.
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    Mar 11, 2010
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    Hands down my favorite distortion pedal of all time. Such sweet, singing, ringing distortion. It's definitely Billy-in-a-box, but can do a lot more. GLWTS!
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