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Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by PeninaD, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. PeninaD


    May 26, 2001
    Has anyone taken the chance and listened to the whole CD yet?
    I was at one of the later EchoBrain gigs, and their live gig is MUCH louder, heavier, and seamless...they added the two guys from Dangerman (Chris Schiani and Dave Borla) to great effect.
    And Jason really kicks on bass without the restrictions of Metallica.
    Kooky watching and hearing him play his 5 string Sadaowsky and Theremin at the same time.
  2. Yeh, I've listened to the whole CD, and I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't metal, but I think he made that perfectly clear in the interviews he gave about it. I can imagine it being much better live, what with the extra guitars to give it a bit more kick. I'll have to try and catch them if they come over to the UK (there's no chance of them coming to Belfast, but hey, I can hope :D).
  3. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
    They are the exact opposite of metallica, but thats what Jason wanted. I heard most of it and it isnt my thing, BUT i could get used to it. Im noit sure weather i like the music because of its feel etc or just because Jason is in it.
  4. pmkelly

    pmkelly Supporting Member

    Nov 28, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    I bought the cd on saturday.... it has been the only cd in my stereo in the truck since then..... I really dig it, there is a lot of really cool stuff going on with it. BTW, I also picked up the Oysterhead CD and the new Steve Vai.....

  5. PeninaD


    May 26, 2001

    I know what you mean...been that way since last year when I got the promo...I just had to buy a new copy...Jason, Brian, Dylan, (as well as Cris Schiani and Dave Borla who were touring with them) signed both my promo and truck discs...which obviously will no longer be left in my truck!

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