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Echoplex - had its day ?

Discussion in 'Ask Steve Lawson & Michael Manring' started by Paul_C, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Paul_C

    Paul_C Builder: Arrowheadguitars Basses

    Mar 5, 2005
    Northampton, UK
    So is it still on the "recommended" list ?

    I'm considering upgrading from my RC-20 Loop Station and I'm not sure I can (or should) stretch to the Looperlative.

    Would it make sense to sell a couple more basses to cover the extra cost of the Looperlative ?

  2. Your best bet is to wait until the Looperlative hits the market and see what happens. If it lives up to its promises (there's no indication that it won't) then I think it's definitely worth the money. If you don't need all the features that the Looperlative gives you, by that time, Echoplexes should have gone down in price (used ones, that is). I'm sure that a lot of Echoplex owners will be ditching them for the Looperlative in the future.

    - Dave
  3. didier


    Aug 4, 2005
    I, for one, welcome the looperlative as our new looping overlord, which I hope will lead to a flood of cheap EDP's on the used market as people upgrade.
  4. andyroo


    Jun 23, 2003
    Yeah, I think you'll be best off to wait until the new looperlative hits the market, that way if you have the cash you can get it, if not there will be plenty of used echoplexes getting sold :) . That's what I'm doing.
  5. Or try software versions until then, every day they get better.
    They helped me sell my pair of EDP's. ;)
  6. What software do you use for that?

    The guy who did the looperlative told me that he originally tried doing a software solution but it wasn't capable of doing what he wanted.

    I was thinking about doing a software looper for a while. I wanted to do what he did in the Looperlative. That is, have multiple stereo tracks that could be independently controlled.

    - Dave
  7. didier


    Aug 4, 2005
    I just had this conversation recently with Dirk, so I'll jump in with this
    but hopefully he will tell you much more about his experience with it.
  8. i hope so too :)
  9. cosmicevan


    Feb 1, 2003
    New York
    ELECTRIX REPEATERS - they may even rise from the dead soon...or just keep on teasing
  10. unless you are talking about the old repeaters...i will bet 10 cents that the new repeater will never make it out, and even if it does, i don't think that it will have much thunder with the RC50 and the looperlative out now. the new repeater looks great on paper, but the release dates have been pushed back, the electrix website has been down and then back up...i'd be surprised if it ever comes out...
  11. Sorry Dave,
    I wasn't paying attention. :) Thanks didier for providing the link.
    If you're at all used to EDP's then you'll be all over this. I use it as a VST in Cubebase for live stuff, but it can also run stand-alone. Despite what some folks say software is a valid option nowdays, don't get me wrong I have drooled quite a bit over the looperlative. :)

    I had a Repeater for a while and it has some very unique things it can do, but for me the noise was unusable without a denoiser.

    In any case what have you got to lose trying the Mobius? It's free and there's new version every week or so with new features. You really only need a moderately new machine to run it, like 4 years or so. I haven't even tapped the new scripting functions, and there is new development on pitch bend/change, way cool and a feature I used to love in the Repeater.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention it's a PC version only at this point.

    Good Luck and Happy looping!
  12. cosmicevan


    Feb 1, 2003
    New York
    yeah, i have 2 repeaters and have been contemplating getting a noise mod done by peter at condor electronics...but its a bit pricey. his mod drops the noise significantly enough to use in a studio environment.

    for looping control i LOVE the repeaters. i use a midi floor board and can access every button and slider on both units with a tap on a pedal. with 4 separate tracks and midi control...those bad boys can do almost anything.

    i tried an RC-50 when it first came out before i got the repeaters and its capabilities are so limitted.
  13. Steve Lawson

    Steve Lawson Solo Bass Exploration! Supporting Member

    Apr 21, 2000
    Birmingham, UK
    I briefly experimented with both Sooperlooper and Mobius - the feature set on both was fantastic, but on both I found the latency to be too high (fine for ambient stuff, no good for anything percussive), and the system to be too unstable if I was running big convoluted reverbs as well. It also all just felt a bit flimsy having a laptop on stage - I'd be far too like to step on a cable, dragging the computer onto the floor and seeing it all disappear in a puff of shattered screen.

    The Looperlative is the single greatest thing to happen to Looping since the first run of the Echoplex, and seriously ups the ante for hardware looping. The feature set is already the most malleable, useable, configurable and user-friendly that I've ever experienced, the sound quality is fantastic, the 8 stereo tracks and ultra-low noise make the Repeater look like a cassette four-track, and the ethernet port on the back coupled to Bob Amstadt, the inventor's, commitment to meeting the looping needs of the users means that it's an evergrowing loop-organism, without the need for buying new chips, sending it back for upgraded parts, noise floor modifications etc.

    I can't envisage a better box coming out for a long time (maybe in four years time when Bob releases to LP2... :) )

    at $1499 list, it's a steal, seriously.

  14. Steve Lawson

    Steve Lawson Solo Bass Exploration! Supporting Member

    Apr 21, 2000
    Birmingham, UK
    Oh, and regarding the first question - the Echoplex would still be my second choice, but a long way.

    As one of the architects of the Echoplex once said, the magic of any looping tool is in its interface - how 'musically' does it work? This is where so much of the really interesting development in computer music across the board is happening - how we access the millions of functions in the software that we all have, and use about 2% of the capability of.

    The Echoplex is a fantastic design from that point - the matrix for accessing the functions on the front panel is a great idea, the resistance controlled foot pedal is genius. It's a marvellous unit.

    The problem with it in tech terms is that it's static technology - the upgrades come every few years, and cost money cos you have to order new chips for it. And it's mono, and -relative to where things are at now - fairly low res. If you have a listen to Grace and Gratitude - that was all recorded with two Echoplexes, and two Lexicon processors - there's certainly nothing 'lo-fi' about it, not that you'd notice without doing a direct comparison anyway. It's all a matter of not knowing what the problem was until something comes along that is better and reveals that weakness.

    For me, that's what the Looperlative does - opens up a whole host of other possibilities, particularly given that I was using two Echoplexes to do what two channels on the Looperlative can do... and it's got 8... and they're stereo.

    I'm keeping one of my Echoplexes. The other two that I have left are up for sale.

  15. i suppose you wouldn't want to sell one of them cheap to a poor college student looper would ya :D

    sorry i could resist :)