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    Is the Ibanez EDB605 any good? Whats the quality like and the overall sound?
  2. fat jonny

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    Jul 8, 2000
    Columbus Ohio
    Ive had mine for a while now and it is a pretty nice bass. Its got a 3 band EQ thats pretty versatile and the other thing i like a lot on it is the pickup selector knob; it lets you blend the pickups together easily. I just restrung it with some Ernie Ball slinkys roundwounds and I was surprised at how good it sounded because i hadnt changed the strings for a while. It is pretty solidly built and all the materials seem to be pretty good quality. I had it professionally set up after having it for a while and that helped a lot. Ever since then (about a year ago) it has played very well and never needed adjusted. It stays in tune really well and all the hardware is solid. In terms of sound, it has kind of a thumpy sound with the low mids boosted and it can get a pretty crisp high end sound too. Some complaints are that the treble know doesnt add very much treble at all, you have to use the pickup selector to get more high end. Also, the mids can get a little harsh sounding if you crank them up. One other thing that I like is that the neck is very fast and comfortable. It is very well balanced and the curved back hugs your body a little. I didnt really appreciate that aspect of this bass until I played some other basses in stores and noticed that a lot of them were either neck heavy, or the body slipped off my leg easily. I think the luthite body allowed ibanez to design it so it was well balanced and very comfortable and easy to play. I Like it a lot but will probably be selling it in the near future in order to buy a Rickenbacker bass (ive wanted one as long as i can remember). I would definitely reccomend getting one. You can pick them up used for $450 or less and thats a great deal for one of these IMO.