Eden 210XLT "rattle" ...

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  1. This is weird.

    I tipped my 210XLT sideways to put it in a car ... and heard/felt this "clop" inside. Later on I picked it up and started "shaking" - not violently, but just sort of "curling" it up and down a bit ... sure enough, it sounds like something is either loose or rattling around in there. It sounds pretty substantial - not like a little loose wire banging the back plate, but more like something knocking a bigger surface that resonates.

    I share a space with a couple of other guys, one of whom also has a 210XLT - so I picked his up and gave it a similar shake. No rattle.

    The cab sounds fine when I play through it ... although I have noticed what I thought was clipping when I really crank up. I thought the problem was that my GK800RB was running out of juice and I was getting amp clipping - but maybe there's something dodgy with the cab itself?

    Hmm. :meh: Any suggestions? It doesn't seem like the drivers are moving when I do the "shake." But maybe the cone is flexing a little, and what I'm hearing is the drivers reaching the end of the "resting" excursion range?

  2. Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is in there. Why don't you pull one of the drivers and look inside?
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    Dec 22, 2002
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    The speakers are fine. It sounds like something has come loose.

    The drivers aren't hard to remove so don't be affraid. Just make sure there are no car keys or screw drivers around to accidentally drop and puncture the cones.

    You've probably got a screw loose (not you, the cab, maybe both....) :)