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Eden 210XLT with EA NL 210 Good Match ?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GeorgeG, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. GeorgeG

    GeorgeG Commercial User

    Jun 15, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Owner of Bass Gear Direct
    Hi everyone,
    Was wondering if anyone has tried the above combination and what they thought. My thought's are that using those two cabs together would give the best of both worlds as far as tone would be concerned. In other words the low mid range muscle of the xlt and the clean lows ,smoother mids and crisp highs of the EA cab. I haven't tried this in practice but I would love to hear from anyone that may have and also any other opinions.
    Regards GeorgeG.
  2. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    IMO.... I can't imaging combining those two cabs given the difference in sensitivity and 'voicing'. Even though your 'best of all worlds' comment makes sense on paper, I've very rarely experienced or heard two very different cabs combined that result in a sound that is better than two of the same cabs combined. A lot of times (again, IMO) if you find that a smaller cab like a 210 is lacking in some area, it has to do more with pushing the cab a little beyond its limits versus an inherent 'problem). It's amazing, for example, now the low end of the 210XLT blossoms when you add a second one.
  3. pickles

    pickles Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2000
    Ventura, CA
    Not quite, but I tried running a 210XLT and a VL110 together, and even if I brought up the 110 to it's max, then added the 210 until they sounded about the same volume, the character of the XLT dominated the overall tone. Might be different with a 210.

    I've have heard of combining an Eden 210XLT with an Acme LowB2, where the acme mostly just fills in the lower findamentals (like a subwoofer).
  4. Kael


    Dec 26, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    Might try a EA cxl-112. It has more lows and cuts through a mix very well (slightly aggressive upper mids?) but not as thick as the NL-210. I've used the cxl frequently with other cabs though never an Eden. I've only used to nl-210 either on its own or with the cxl-112.
  5. GeorgeG

    GeorgeG Commercial User

    Jun 15, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Owner of Bass Gear Direct
    Thanks everybody for your input. Maybe I'll give that experiment a miss.
    Thanks GeorgeG.
  6. permagrin


    May 1, 2003
    San Pedro, CA
    You might find what you're looking for with a 210XLT and a 210XST.