eden 410 xlt cab comments/value?

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  1. hey gang - i just picked up a used eden 410 xlt for $300. it's in fair cosmetic condition and seemingly has no mechanical problems. does this sound like a good deal? i've been looking for a 4x10 to pair up with my gk 1001-II... i figure i can resell it for at least that if i become dissatisfied - any thoughts? comments on the gk+eden cab rig?
  2. I really like the eden cabs, but the xlt doesn't seem to have the big tight low end i like (it has more of a mid hump). Maybe its just the amp I was using or that the cab rolls off at a pretty high frequency? I prefer the xst, but the xlt is an awsome cab, especilly if you are gonna be pairing it with a 15 or some other cab!
  3. vision

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    Feb 25, 2005
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    $300 for that cab is a GREAT deal. its a really nice cab, and even if you don't like it you can sell it for double.
  4. Pickebass

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    Great deal! I sold one recently for more than that and had alot of offers!
  5. thanks for the feedback/comments - i'll get to try out in a band setting for the first time tomorrow night. i'm excited about it - accept, of course, squeezing into the back of a honda :)
  6. Arthur U. Poon

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    Congrats, I really liked the D410XLT cab I used to own. :cool:

    It falls into the same category with my old Alembic F1-X preamp: "I never should've sold it!" :crying:

    Congrats again, sweet deal.

    - Art