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Eden 410T

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Robot-trashcan, Apr 29, 2001.

  1. Has anyone played through an Eden 410T cabinet? How does it sound? How does it compare to the 410XLT? What about the volume? Your opinions...any answers would be helpful.
  2. ka-tet


    May 2, 2000
    I think the T compares very favorably to the XLT at lower volumes. They sound similar. When you crank them the XLT shows it's brawn. It's got a deeper smoother low end. The T seems to have a lot more mid range content but can still handle and put out good lows. If I played shows that required low volume playing I'd probably opt for the T as it's easier to hear with the mid emphasis. Louder gigs I'd definitely go with the XLT. It has really punchy mids that don't really get fleshed out until you push it and the lows seem to just get deeper and clearer. Both are great cabs though.
  3. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    I don't have either one, but I did audition both recently in a music store. Both are very nice. I was playing a 4-string Precision bass, and it seemed like the 410XLT had the bottom below low A sewn up perfectly. Nice and smooth (hi-fi-like) and big down to low E. It really gave the "perfect" P-bass sound, IMO. The 410T didn't quite have the beef down there, but its midrange presence was more noticeable. If you have a set-up with a 15" or 18", the 210T or 410T might be the perfect complement. (I actually even liked the 210T's sound slightly better than the 410T's!)

    If you are looking for one cabinet and like a strong fundamental at least down to low E, the 410XLT is probably the better choice (though it's heavier, larger, and more expensive).

    Just a report of my audition - there are many other dudes on TB who know FAR more about these two cabinets than I, so hopefully they will add some comments.

    - Mike
  4. As a note, if you stack a pair of D-210Ts such that one is upside down (port on top), you get something that not only looks but sounds like a D-410XLT. The low-end BEEF isn't quite there, but it's good enough that any B-string farting can be blamed on the bass and not the amp. I use just such a setup and it has proven its mettle in a number of gigs.

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