Eden 410xlt 4ohm for sale

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  1. I have an Eden 410xlt (4ohm version) that I’m not using and need to sell. I bought in the spring of 2000 and only used it for gigs (aprox. 75 shows). The cabinet is in excellent working condition and the only cosmetic flaws are a couple of scratches on the Eden logo. I would prefer a local sale but I’m willing to ship it as well, although it wouldn’t be cheap- I got an UPS Ground estimate to New York (from Oregon) and it was around $85. I was hoping to get $550 for the cabinet but I’m willing to sell it for $500 to anyone here at TB.

    Here’s a link for specs: http://www.eden-electronics.com/410XLT.html
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  3. Omg if i had the money i would so buy this cab...but since im trying for another warwick bass it puts me down to like nothing...:bawl:

    If only this was up a few weeks ago lol.

  4. **Still For Sale**
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    where the heck is Stafford, OR ? OK - actually skip that question. I did a mapquest and see that you are just south of Portland. What head were you running with that cab ? and what musical setting ?
  6. I was running an Aguilar DB680 preamp into an Eden WT1000 power amp into the cab.

    The musical setting was an r&b, funk, world beat type band with only one guitar as the other melodic instrument. 95% of the time we were playing small to medium size night clubs where I didn’t have to use a lot of power. On the rare occasion where I needed more power, I paired the 410xlt with a 210xlt.