Eden 610 crossover issues - plz help!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by esroberto, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. esroberto


    Jan 28, 2013
    Nashville, TN
    Hi everyone, Robert here. I found a near mint 610 a few months ago that was suspiciously inexpensive, but couldn't really dig into it and check it out until today. I knew the AT-50D L-pad was bad, and I figured it might just be one from the 2009 batch of bad L-pads, but... well, read on.

    Here's a picture of the innards of the bad L-pad:

    I have a little pre-buyout 110 Eden with an AT-50H L-pad that I never use. I've spent the afternoon swapping it out for the bad one in the 610 and rewiring the whole thing, hoping that was all it needed, but it's still got problems, as before, except that now it has a good L-pad. Very frustrating.

    Here's what it's currently doing:
    The total impedance (when measured with an Ohmmeter at the input) changes when adjusting the tweeter level. From 12:00 to wide open, it moves around between 7.5 and 9.2 Ohms. Below 12:00, resistance decreases fairly evenly down to 1.3 Ohms as you turn the tweeter level down to minimum. Most annoyingly, the tweeter level acts as a volume knob for the whole cabinet, changing the volume of both the horn and the woofers, so god only knows what's wrong with it or what it did on its last gig before I bought it.

    I imagine the previous owner meant to run with the tweeter flat (12:00), but the wonky crossover had turned the whole cabinet down by half without him realizing it, which made him push his amp to the max to get any stage volume, and all that juice was turning into heat inside the L-pad. It's a $15 part -- better for it to melt than the drivers get damaged! (All the drivers, including the horn diaphragm, are as new and fully functional.) But I'm not hooking my amps up to this thing until I have it running as normal.

    What would make the tweeter level control affect the woofers' level?

    Most pics I see of the crossover, the black wires go to the 4th tab, i.e., red - red - white - black - red:
    ...but mine has the black wires and the white wires reversed, with a black mark on the (center) tab:
    https://photos.app.goo.gl/qjL9V8W9T4qOhgaC3 (ignore that the 5th wire on mine is white)
    Should those be reversed to the way I see on other crossovers?

    Help, guys! I have yet to hear one glorious note out of this 610 because I can't afford any of my amps to go down! What do I do, how can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. BadExample


    Jan 21, 2016
    Call Eden for advice? Perhaps they have a wiring diagram. Or a replacement crossover available.
  3. It sounds like the L-pad is installed (incorrectly) between the crossover and the cab input - so both the woofers and the tweeter are affected by it. The L-pad should be installed between the tweeter and the crossover. I suspect that the L-pad is not connected to the correct spade lugs on the crossover board. You could figure this out by tracing the circuit, or by finding the repair manual online (try the Eden website) - or give them a call.
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