Eden Amps?

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    Hey Guys, just wondering if you guys could help me understand a little more about the amps.

    I have a wonderful WT300 from 1996 and I see other WT amps, like the Wt400, 405, 550 etc, is there any tone difference from the smaller ones that share the same face, other than output?

  2. Here are a couple of Eden comparisons... not all the models you listed, but a few.


    I don't have enough personal experience with eden amps to get into the minor voicing differences. I use a WTDI in my show rig and an Eden 1x15 & 2x10 at the rehearsal studio.
  3. Of the ones you listed the WT300 and WT400 and WT550 are all the same pre-amp. The WT405 is a different model all together.

    I've read the WT300 and WT400 sound a little warmer at the flat setting over the WT550. Why? I cannot say. Perhaps the WT550's larger power amp imparts it's own little sonic signature. They all still sound like an Eden though.

    The WT405 doesn't have the ultra versatile semi-parametric EQ like the others but there are some Eden users that swear the WT405 is the best head they've made. The general population of Eden users typically agree that the WT400 was one of Edens greatest heads.

    I hope this is what your looking for.
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    Thanks guys, it does help. I was thinking of buying another used Eden head as an back up or replacement for the WT300 (And use the WT300 as a back up) to pair with my 210XLT cab (love this cab btw, heavy @63lbs, but man it sounds great!)

    I really like the tone. And just wondering if I moved up the numbers, if the tone would change much.
  5. I played through a WT330 as part of a CXC210 combo for many years and then i switched to a WT400 last year. The 400 has the tube warmth and what i would call a "heavier" sound. The 330 is 100% solid state and doesnt have that warmth. I would not call it sterile though. Both are great amps with the signature Eden tone.