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Eden and SWR blow out sale in central Ohio, now until its all gone!!

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Wyattsgroove, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Howdy! I thought I'd share this as I myself was taken back at the pricing! This is on select NOS Eden gear and new but now discontinued SWR gear. I will list some of it and for the most part if anyone is interested you will have to call and talk to them. I'm sure they will wheel and deal as they are very competitive with Internet pricing being a brick and mortar shop. These guys are knowledgeable and you won't be speaking to a "operator".

    Ok so the gear:
    D112xlt's $299 ea. ( NOS made in USA)
    Eseries 210 v8- USA ( call for ridiculous low price)
    Eseries 115 v8- USA ( call for ridiculous low price) ( I just scored a e300t and 410 cab for less than what the cab cost new from them!)
    Amps: ( NOS )
    Wt260- $299
    WT1205- $899
    Nemesis- na 320 - $329 ( that's just like a dollar a watt on a terrific amp that is a solid workhorse!) they have two of them.
    Nemesis WTX 260- ( call for price)
    Nemesis WTX 500- ( call for price)
    Eden dc112xlt ( combo amp is a wt330 mad a 112xlt paired together. Killer little combo.) $949.

    SWR Gear:

    Golight410 cabs---- $675 ( list 1299.99)

    Many other new cabs that are marked way down, I can't remember off the top of my head what other cabs they have but I know they just got them all within the last 6 months. They from what I can see are selling at 50% off list and more.

    Golight headlight -- one used for $329 and one new for $499
    Go light amplight for $489

    They have a 750 something or other ( apologies as I'm not a SWR guy) for it looks like 50% off list. It is brand new.

    The name of the store is:

    Guitar Guy's

    Heath Ohio


    I am not affiliated with this store only a customer. For the most part they have been taking care of me for years and give me great deals! If you talk to them professionally and curtious , they will in turn act the same and work on prices.

    If anyone does have an interest on anything they are blowing out and decides to call, please tell them that you heard of the sale through talk bass. They will know and hopefully hook you up! The store owner is a bass player and looks out for fellow bassist.