Eden cabinet issues

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  1. NicK_m


    Apr 3, 2018
    Just wondering if anyone has ran across a similar issue? I have had my Alpha Omega 900 amp for a couple months now and love it! I have using it with my Mesa Powerhouse 6x10 and has been working great but I have been looking to downsize cabinets and recently came across a used Eden 4x10 xst cabinet. When I connect my Darkglass amp to the Eden it makes kind of a pulsing noise and cycles in and out of some kind of protection mode. The amp works with at least two other cabinets that I know of but the weird thing is when I brought the Eden into my tech he tested it with a Buegera head and all was good. Before I bought it I tested the cab with a friends bass head with no issues, the cabinet actually sounded great! I am pretty sure the issue is in the cabinet but it is weird that the problem only comes up with the Darkglass amp. The Buegera head is brand new and the head I tested with was a Tech 21, less than a year old. Any input is appreciated!
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    Sep 14, 2010
    Could be coincidence
    The amp starting to die with new cabinet.

    Sounds like a overheating or gutless switch mode power supply to me.

    If the cab has a low impedance curve probably pulls alot current. Amp barley does 4 ohms. Push it hard....it dies.

    Or the Eden cab has crossover or jack issues.
    Well just blame the cab so everyone feels better