Eden cutting power?

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  1. i have played eden cabs around, and definately do love the sound i get and can change it around, and basically i'm in love with eden. however never having had a chance to play one in a band setting i don't know how well they cut through. i'm looking toward getting maybe the cxc210 combo, and then adding a 15 inch cab as an extension. this SHOULD be enough driving force, don't have too loud of a drummer to worry about really, but the guitarist does tend to get a little loud sometimes, what do you guys think?
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    Jul 8, 2000
    hello, i have the cxc-410. i play in a punk band, my problem is my loud guitarist through a marshall half -stack. my eden performs well and doesnt get drowned out by the guitar. if my guitarist wanted to, he could blow me away though. i too am thinking about getting a 15 inch eden cabinet. i cant seem to find a decent used one though.
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    I think the rig you describe will be just fine.
  4. I have an Eden 410XLT and 210XLT. Depending on the size of the gig I'll use one, the other, or both. I've never had a problem with the speakers cutting through. If anything I have to be thoughtful about the size of the place, otherwise I bring too much speaker coverage, making my sound too prominent and I get complaints from the sound people.

    There could be worse problems to deal with...;)
  5. I have a WT-300 and a pair of D-210Ts. In my old band, I got complaints from the (lame and resoundingly mediocre) guitarist and keyboardist because I simply owned the stage sound. Our drummer was damn good and liked my tone a lot, though, so that was all that mattered. I still quit to play prog-metal.