Eden CXC and Out-Limiter ?

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  1. Hi
    Several days ago, i checked out a cxc 1015 combo at my local dealer and it sounded amazing. Somehow i like this ss sound more than the eden tube type. But I noticed the output limiter light flashing quite often when slapping, so i didn't want to push the amp mush harder (It was set at Master Volume 3 or something). Now, is this normal, and i can turn it up some mor, or should i leave it when this LED flashes !?!?!
    Another solution for this problem could be using the cxc 410 combo, it's efficiency is 105 db/1wm compared to the 100 of the 1015. Would this help, and how does it sound !?

  2. MIJ-VI

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    Jan 12, 2009
    :eek: That is actually a 'SLAP WARNING. AMP EXPLOSION IMMINENT!' indicator. :D

    Someone more helpful should be along soon... :)