Eden D-210T, 2x--trade for a high-quality 4-ohm 4x10?

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  1. I bought these to create a flexible, "portable" rig, but these 62-pound cabs just aren't that portable on their own, so I bought a CXM-110 for practice and small gigs. Still, they offer a lot more ease of transportation, because they can be loaded through narrow apertures one at a time, and when stacked they provide as much low end as a D-410XLT.

    Both cabs have an impedance of 8 ohms. One has removable casters, and one has the stock Tuki cover.

    Both are in excellent condition--no tears on the carpet, a couple of scuffs on the corners, a scratched-up logo panel, and some lint are the only cosmetic flaws. The jack panels are in perfect shape.

    $600 + shipping for the pair, or a trade for a high-quality 4-ohm 4x10 cabinet with casters, such as an Eden D-410T or 410XLT, Aguilar GS410, Trace Elliot 1048H (do they even make 4-ohm models?), or maybe even a Bergantino or Euphonic 3x10.

    Paypal preferred; personal checks will have to wait to clear.
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