For Sale Eden D212XLT4 Bass Cabinet

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    The handcrafted Eden D212XLT4 Bass Cabinet is carefully engineered to give you years of world-class performance, even under the most strenuous performance conditions. The 2 x 12" plus tweeter design of this speaker enclosure is perfect for the player who needs to cover a wide variety of playing situations. The exclusive twin EC-1260F woofers and E-2700 Cast Bell tweeter deliver a low-end response similar to a 15", but with the speed and smoothness of a 10" in the upper registers.

    This Eden bass cab features AA furniture-grade plywood, all dado and rabbet construction with the massive internal bracing required to really produce the low bass note properly. The porting is optimized for high-level performance and the boxes are tuned to maximize sound quality and performance. The bass speaker is designed to reproduce the true sound of your bass with the proper character and clarity.

    2 - EC-1260F speakers
    1 - E-2700 cast bell tweeter
    AA furniture-grade plywood
    Dado and rabbet construction
    Internal bracing
    Optimized porting
    Box is tuned

    The cabinet is in good condition and there are no issues with the woofers or tweeter. Would prefer a local sale (metro Atlanta area), but I am willing to ship if buyer is willing to pay shipping costs.
    C8218F1D-997A-4781-BC4A-AB7BF35F0014.jpeg 91B91D43-9506-4F35-908D-5DC54765E03A.jpeg 320D2AD8-3482-4D95-9FB6-EFA52379683B.jpeg 93ADCF7E-5BE8-4DA1-AD63-AB63248CADA6.jpeg 3951541B-5C02-4A99-B9D0-D9FA5C4BB7DD.jpeg
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  3. Does that mean it handles 400 watts at 4ohms?
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  4. joeqpublic

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    Dec 13, 2005
    Yes, that is correct.
  5. Free bump for a great, great cab :)
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