SOLD Eden EX112 Cab 8-Ohm

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    Great cab. Barely used. The whizzer cone provides a very nice mid-range response for both bass guitar and upright bass. The low-end is also very satisfying, especially for such a small cab. It's does a low-B on a 5-string justice--I play fivers almost exclusively when it comes to electric.

    This has been the backup to my boutique cabs--MAS26 and Audiokinesis TC112-AF v.1. So it's barely been gigged and has been kept in smoke free home. I'm only selling to finance more boutique cabs, hopefully.

    From Eden:
    The EX112 gives you the opportunity to discover an alternative tone and feel compared with the more common 10" and 15" bass cabinets. This compact cabinet offers more aggression and warmth than a 10" speaker and more control than a 15" cone.
    The EX112 is ideal for players looking for a versatile cabinet that still drives through the mix.
    Lightweight and convenient
    Tuned and ported cabinet design
    Eden-designed Whizzer cone for clarity
    Kick-proof grille assembly
    Built-in carrying handle

    Power Handling: 300W Speaker
    Config: 1 x 12"
    Freq. Response: 42Hz - 12KHz
    Impedance: 8Ω
    H: 16 in / 40.6 cm
    W: 15.25 in / 38.7 cm
    D: 14.75 in / 37.46 cm
    Weight: 30.25 lbs / 13.7 kgs

    More thoughts:
    To my ear, it has sounds slightly mid-forward-- in the middle and upper mids--but in a very smooth and pleasant way. The dispersion through the mids is also quite good, especially for a budget cab. However, full disclosure, the specified 12khz upper end is on axis. I would say the usable high end is probably in the ball bark of 5khz (subjectively speaking), which is just enough to provide a decent slap sound. I definitely prefer the whizzer over the harshness of most of the (piezo) tweeters found in bass cabs.

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    Shipping included?
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    With you on that. Eden's implementation of the whizzer cabinets is really quite musical. I have two of them that I quite love. GLWTS!
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    Feb 7, 2010
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    I have a potential local sell pending. If it falls through, then I'll split the shipping.

    Oh my, makin' me have second thoughts now! :p
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    Feb 7, 2010
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    sold. pending payment.