SOLD Eden Metro Amp $350 (New England Local Sale)

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  1. Hey TB'ers,

    I'm sure you all know this one. I'm selling my Eden Metro bass amp. It is 400w and is a truly great sounding amp. This is also from the desirable Montrose, MN era before Eden was bought out. The reason I'm letting it go cheap is that it seems to have an issue with the limiter. When its turned up too loud for too long it starts to cut out. This is not an issue at all when the amp is used at a lower volume. I have gigged with it many times without issue. It just seems that when the limiter should kick in it doesn't. I honestly don't use the amp enough to get this issue fixed and it has not been a problem for me most of the time. I just wanted to give full disclosure. One of the knobs is also missing its color coded top. These too are easily replaceable I just haven't replaced it. I'm just slimming down my gear and this has to go. I can take pictures but don't have any at the moment. Cosmetically the amp is in VG condition.

    As a total side note: I also have a 2x10 cab (non-Eden) that I've been using with this. It has US eminence speakers (that I put in) and works really well with the Eden. I'd throw it in for an extra $100. I'd sell it alone for $150 if anyone is interested.

    I'm based in Providence but make it all over New England gigging (most often in Boston area) so I'd be willing to travel drop it off or meet somewhere. I also pretty regularly make it to NYC so that could be an option as well.

    Please PM me with any questions or offers. Would also be willing to trade this toward a head of some sort. Particularly an ultralight or a tube head (I'm aware of the obvious contradiction there). Sale price is $350 OBO
  2. Sold.
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