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Eden N28S 2x8 Combo, SWR Workingmans 10 Combo, SWR Workingmans 10 Cabinet

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by bobbykokinos, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Eden N28S 2x8 Combo FOR SALE: SOLD
    (This is a sale feeler for this amp.. Not 100% sure I'm going to sell it)
    List: $549.90 SamAsh: $439.92
    Power: 120w RMS @ 8ohms / 170w RMS @ 4ohms (w/ 8ohm extension)
    Tweeter: T1004
    Speakers (2) ES832 8in Speakers
    Freq Response: 40hz - 18khz
    Dimensions: 20.5w x 16.5h x 13.25d
    Weight: 47lbs
    Front Photo - Back Photo - Front Panel Photo - Back Panel Photo

    I could go on for days saying great things about this amp. Eden really got it right when they decided to build this portable, affordable, great sounding 2x8 combo amp. The 8in speakers in this setup are VERY punchy and the highs are crisp in the traditional Eden fashion. I bought this combo on 6-4-05 and it has seen very little use outside of the house. This amp is a 10 out of 10. It is in the same condition as it was when it came out of the store. I still have the warranty card that you can fill out and send in for the full warranty. I even still have the original box and foam packing that was use to ship it to the music store. The only thing it didn’t come with (from the music store) was a manual which was supposed to be sent to me but never was. I have included a printed manual though from Eden’s website.


    Workingman’s 10 Combo FOR SALE: $250.00
    List: $571.41 SamAsh: $399.99
    Power: 80w RMS @ 8ohms / 100w RMS @ 4ohms (w/ 8ohm extension)
    Tweeter: Custom Designed Piezo Tweeter
    Speakers (1) Custom Designed 10in SWR
    Freq Response:
    Dimensions: 16.25w x 14.5h x 14d
    Weight: 32lbs
    Front Photo - Back Photo - Top Panel Photo - Back Panel Photo

    This SWR is Pre-Fender. This amp has been a great workhorse. It has been used but not abused. Cosmetically, the plastic corners have a bit of use, but other than that, it’s not bad (check out pictures). The only thing that has been replaced is the fuse housing. This combo, by itself, has enough power to be heard in a jazz big band with both electric (6 string) and upright basses.


    Workingman’s 10 Extension Cabinet FOR SALE: $125.00
    List: $299.99 8thStreet.com: $189.99
    Power Handling: 100w RMS @ 8ohms
    Impedance: 8ohms
    Tweeter: Custom Designed Piezo Tweeter
    Speakers (1) Custom Designed 10in SWR
    Freq Response: 96db SPL @ 1W1M (-3db @ 70Hz and 10KHz)
    Dimensions: 16.25w x 14.5h x 14d
    Weight: 26lbs

    Front Photo - Back Photo - Back Panel Photo

    This SWR is Pre-Fender. The WM10 extension is a great compliment to the WM10 Combo or any amp that uses an 8ohm extension. Cosmetically, this cabinet is the same as the above combo (check out pictures). Again, this cabinet sounds great with both electric (6 string) and upright basses.


    If these don't sell here, I'm going to eventually post them on E-Bay.. Just wanted to give you guys first dibs.

    PM me or post here with questions on any of these products. Ive done my homework on how much this stuff goes for used, so I'm pretty firm on the price. Everything sold as is. I've tired to be as thorough as best as I can with the descriptions

    I will accept Paypal or Money Orders for products. I wont ship until money is received (I hate having to say that, but I’ve been burned too many times). Buyer pays shipping and insurance (optional, but highly suggested). Right now, USA only.
  2. JAS


    Jul 3, 2001
    How loud is the Eden? Will it sound good with Upright and electric? I mainly use a GK 150MB now and it is usually loud enough for the jazz gigs I play. The loudest band I play in has 4 horns and 3 rhythm. I am interested in this amp if you think it will be a good extra amp to use sometimes instead of the GK for jazz gigs.

    I also sent you this same mesage in a PM. Thanks.
  3. I've used the N28S for a 20 piece big band and it was fine. The N28S would be perfect for a small combo. It sounds excellent with both electric and upright. To be honest, I dont think I have messed with the EQ at all on it. I just set it flat and go and it sounds great with both.

    The only thing I would suggest, if you use it for a big band, is use an AMP stand to get it more towards ear level. With how small the amp is, physically, putting it on the ground is not always the best option. Even on a chair would be ok.
  4. Eden is sold.. Still have the SWR stuff for sale
  5. CBFinet


    Nov 11, 2002
    Phoenix, AZ
    Does the SWR combo have two inputs? I'm looking to use it for teaching electric bass lessons and on the occasional lower volume electric gig, but I'm wondering how well it handles a low B.
  6. It doesnt have two inputs.

    I play a 6 string electric and it does it just fine..