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Eden Navigator DI question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Sanctum, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Last night I was running a line out to the PA of my Navigator. I have misplaced my manual, so I am directing my question here.

    I seem to remember when I did read the manual, that the front control for DI level was for the Recording DI. Well that didnt work. So I plugged into on of the other ones (left / right main DI) and it worked. So on I went.

    Is that correct? I run in stereo mode so does it matter which of those DI's I use? I assume it doesnt really matter in my set up, since I'm not bi-amping, and each channel is the same - no effects in loop, etc.

    What if you are running in bi-amp mode? Seems then that unless you were running two lines, you could only do a DI off either the high or low end.

    Anyhow, I wish I could find my manual :(

    Why did Eden decide we needed three DI's anyhow?
  2. Well since nobody responded I'll answer my own question as I found my manual.

    I was in fact correct - the control on the front is for the Recording DI. The other two DI's are both post EQ, compressor, etc.

    So I tested it out on my PA and it works fine. I guess I didnt have it loud enough or ..... maybe my mute was on. Anyhow, I"m glad it aint broked.