Eden/Nemesis 4x10 cab for sale

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  1. 3 year old Eden/Nemesis 4 ohm 4x10 cab for sale. has casters, top & side handles, handles 450 watts. see www.edenelectronics.com for specs. weighs less than 50 lbs, super easy on the back. selling to pay off my new head.. i would prefer local sale, will deliver anywhere from san diego to los angeles. paypal or money order only... i will take cash on delivery however!! email me for photos.
  2. duh, i forgot to list the price.. i want $325, if i can find a box i'll be happy to ship it i guess..
  3. I'm interested! I live in northern Ca, so it would have to be shipped.

    Can you please send pics to LowFrequency24@hotmail.com ?


    I should mention that I am extremely interested! :D

    I should also mention that I can pay with Paypal. ;)