SOLD Eden Nemesis N115rs bass cab...

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  1. Ok, here is the extension cab for the RS combo line, so for all you guys out there that bought the RS115 combo at the blow out prices you can add this cab to it to make a really loud mini stack which can handle almost any gig!
    This cab is pretty light at right around 40lbs and very compact. You would think the tone was all mid range but the cab can get pretty low and sounds fairly warm when need be. I've used it with my D212XLT, ADA210 (which sounds great) and of course with my RS115 combo... Ive used it solo with my SWR 350 and it makes for killer little rig that can handle most bars and small venues. Let me know if you have any questions? thanks... I bought it a year ago for $330 and its in like new condition.

    Asking $225, plus shipping (aprx. $30-$50)

    Speakers 1-ES 1560
    Tweeter T2004
    Crossover 3kHz @ 12dB
    Power Handling 250 Watts RMS
    Freq. Response 38hz - 18khz
    Impedance 8Ω
    Sensitivity 100dB [email protected]
    Dimensions 24.75"w x 17.25"h x 16.25"d

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  2. Sold!
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