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  1. Okay, I took some of the advice i've been given here on TBF, and today went to some of the various music stores around my city.

    There was one common amp combo setup I kept seeing that had been suggested, and that was the Eden Nemesis line of products. I played around a bit, and they sounded great.

    I am not sure if I should get, hoever....a 4x10 combo, or a 1x15 combo (assuming i decide to get this)

    Can someone please tell me what these amps are like. so far iveb een impressed though :D
  2. MJ5150

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    Apr 12, 2001
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    I have personally played the 115 combo, and I thought it was great. It was plenty loud for the medium/small gigs I played. The 410 or 115 will depend mostly on your music style, and future plans.

    What did you like/dislike about them?

  3. I loved everything about them, apart from 2 gripes :

    1) perhaps a little bit more in the way of equalising the osund would be nice

    2) plugging the 115 into the 4x10 made the loudness of the overall sound go down a fair bit, im not sure why this is. perhaps there was something we were doing wrong, anyone know anything about that?
  4. goran


    Dec 17, 2002
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    It happens becauser speaker output is wired in series so total power drops when you hook another cabinet.
  5. But do I get more Over-all power?

    if not, how do i get more power?
  6. goran


    Dec 17, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: Bartolini

    There is no way to get more power because your amp puts out 320W(?) in 4 ohms and your internal spaekers are already wired in 4 ohms. You could get more sound pressure (to get amp audibly louder) if you would connect some efficient cabinet with minimum 4 ohm impedance. In that way you would get 4 (internal speakers) + 4 (external speaker(s)) = 8ohm load, which pulls about 200W from your amp, but efficient cabinet would compensate for power loss and it would be overally louder.
  7. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    I have been using the 2-10 combo for five years. It's been great. I gig roughly once a month with it and it satisfies 95% of the gigging situations I need it for. Bigger rooms has seen me run a line from the XLR out into a PA. It's relatvely lightweight, has very flexible EQ that enables me to tailor it to any room I play. I play with a very loud drummer and it cuts through. I play both a Jazz and a Precision through a Sadowsky preamp to boost the signal a little.

    The thermal shutdown kicked in twice, but both times I was playing outdoors in the Middle East and the outside temp was hovering around 40C. Both times the amp powered up again after 5-10 seconds.

    Lots of features. I run the amp flat, using only the parametric EQ to adjust to room dynamics.