Eden Time Traveler Head

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  1. SockMonkey


    Oct 26, 2001
    Irvine, CA
    Im curious about this amp. im in the market for a new head right now and i love eden stuff i played a WT-800 at GC and it was beautiful but i dont need that much power. I see on Eden's site it lists for 970, how much do they sell for? and would it be worth to save the extra cash for a WT-400?
  2. Hey, I've had the opportunity to play with the Time Traveler (and all the other Eden amps). The TT is a pretty impressive amp, packs 300 watts into a fairly small and light package, sounds pretty good, and is fairly flexible tonally. We (I work at Bass Central) sell it for about $725 (don't hold me to that, I'm at home right now and not able to get to all my sales material) plus shipping (about $30).

    Would I recommend "holding out" for a WT-400? That depends on your needs. The first and obvious difference is the power, 400 watts vs. 300. But, to me the big deal is the tonal shaping ability of the WT preamp, as the WT 400 has the same EQ section as the WT 800, high and low "shelving" controls plus 3 bands of semi-parametric EQ. The TT has a standard 3 band EQ with preset centers, and a couple preset "shape" buttons. Another difference is that the TT is designed to be installed into a combo cabinet (has 4 screw holes in the top of the unit) whereas the WT series can be easily rack-mounted (it comes with "ears" that mount on the side of the unit). The WT 400 lists at about $1230, and we sell it for about $925 (same disclaimer applies). Feel free to PM or e-mail me if you have any other questions, or call us (800-545-8813).
  3. i believe the WT800 only has a 400 watt output but can pump it to two 4 ohm cabinets instead of just one, i think that was the difference... that's what i remember though. i could be wrong.
    i have the WT400 and love it. the tone and sound are amazing.
  4. Good name ;)

    The WT 800 bridged is 800 watts into an 8 ohm load, 400 watts a side into two 4 ohm cabinets, either in stereo or bi-amped.
  5. Hold out for the WT-400, is the compression on the TT defeatable? I know that it is not defeatable on the WT-300, and I find the WT-400 more flexible.

    But, you can't go wrong with any of Eden products, I love my WT-800!!!!
  6. On the newer WT300s you can defeat the compression by pulling out the enhance knob.
  7. DaveB


    Mar 29, 2000
    Toronto Ontario
    Gard makes a good point. I think the WT-400 is the better choice for the EQ capability alone. I've got a WT-500 and its a fabulous amp. In fact I like the pre-amp section so much that if I ever wanted to do the "super-power" thing I think I would just buy another power amp and use the WT-500 as the preamp.