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Eden Vs. SWR?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by air_leech, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000

    are they even comparable or I was led to illuse myself?

    is one any better than the other (I'm looking at the Bass350 and the Eden Wt300/400+)?

    is the difference in sound is relevant? would the extra mileage for the Eden is worth it?


    I don't want to start a flame war, just going abroad in two months and need to decide quickly since family is going with me and they gonna stand in the music store with a stopwatch!
  2. Copycat

    Copycat Supporting Member

    Nov 14, 2000
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    Others may disagree, but I've owned both Eden and SWR cabs and I find them to be very comparable. Amps proper I'm not as sure, but David Eden worked with/for Steve Rabe at SWR (correct?) so I think their approach should be similar. I don't think you can go wrong. Listen to each for as long as the stopwatch allows, then trust your ears.
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  3. I own a WT300 and I fooled around plenty with the SWR Bass 350. Unfortunately I was not able to do a side by side comparison so I really couldn't be accurate if I tried to compare the two here but both are really great amps. If possible take the time to try both before you decide. I love my Eden but you probably couldn't go wrong with the SWR either.
  4. Actually, the guy's name is David Nordschow. "David" is the name of the line of cabinets, that's why they say "David Eden" on the faceplate. David Nordschow worked on the original Goliath 4x10 cabinet for SWR.
    My rig is an SWR amp through an Eden cabinet, and it sounds great. Eden cabinets, especially the 4x10, have a characteristic sound to their bottom end that some people like and some don't.. I would definitely A/B the Eden and SWR cabs before you decide.
  5. Larzito


    Aug 1, 2000
    Dallas, Texas
    Both are great rigs. (I own Eden)Eden will probably be stronger down low, but some like the overall smoothness of the SWR. I play Eden, but heard a great sound from a Red Head with an extra 210 cab (410s total) the other night. Might depend on what music you play. Eden is more aggressive...SWR more refined...but both sound good and should be able to dial up any tone you need. If you go for Eden, go for the 400 watt Traveler Plus...extra headroom never hurts.
  6. phogchris

    phogchris www.scarsoflife.com

    May 27, 2000
    Boca Raton, FL
    Someone at Bass NW told me that the Traveler 300 is quite a bit louder than a Bass 350, which leads me to believe that the SWR power ratings are a tad overexaggerated. I own a SWR Bass 750, it is very simple, is good looking, and sounds great. I would think that either would be a good choice. The Traveler 400 is probably as loud as my Bass 750! They are about the same money too. The advantages of Eden are the EQing(there are more possible combinations), and the size(small AND lightweight!). Damn, maybe I should get a Traveler 400!
  7. Larzito


    Aug 1, 2000
    Dallas, Texas
    That power thing is strange. A shop guy was telling me that a G-K head was MUCH louder than an Eden head with comparable power ratings. And an all tube head rated at 200 watts (Aguilar and Ampeg SVT come to mind) will stomp a solid state head silly. What really matters is having enough head room to drive your cabnet without distorting it and damaging the drivers. I use one side of my stereo Eden head often, which means I am essentially using a Traveler 400. It rocks the house. I've even considered trading the 800 for the supersexy and portable 400. Imagine, carrying your amp on your shoulder in a little gig bag! Chicks will probably think its cute! Guys will be jealous. And your bandmates will love the sound.
  8. pedro


    Apr 5, 2000
    Madison, WI.
    >. The advantages of Eden are the EQing(there are more possible combinations), and the size(small AND lightweight!).

    The disadvantage is that Eden is a 4ohm and SWR is 2. Which means that with an Eden head you can only safely run one 4ohm cabinet or two 8ohms. With SWR you can run 2 4ohm cabinets or 4 8ohms. (Hmmm. Did I do the math right?)

    I prefer the SWR heads. Eden tends to sound a bit too bassy for my taste.
  9. Badenough


    Dec 30, 2000
    Oslo Norway
    I have owned WT 500 and WT 800. I loved the sound and EQ options, sadly they both died on me while on stage. I traded the WT500 for Aguilar 200W and it is actually better and louder sounding to my ear than the WT500 was. As for the WT800 itÂ’s gone and I went for Alembic F1X and SF2 pre amps with QSC power amp. I use them in line F1X into SF2to add EQ options and then trough a compressor to the power amp. I am very happy with this set up.
    My XLT 4X10 cab needed a replacement speaker. This took more that a year to replace. I am unfortunately not a US citizen and it took more than a year and 30 phone calls and e-mails to my local dealer. Eden just gave me the run around treatment when I tried to call.
    As for SWR I also have a Super Read Head. Compared to the Eden Metro it has a more hi-fi sound and I missed something in the low freq. range. I solved this by using a Sans Amp bass driver between my Bass and the Read Head. It now sounds very close to the Metro, and I can even dial in a few more sounds using the blend on the Bass Driver.
    My conclusion:
    I love the Eden sound but will never trust the reliability or customer support of Eden again. No pre post DI selector.
    The SWR Read Head has never failed me during two years and the DI and line options are great.

    [Edited by Badenough on 01-11-2001 at 03:24 AM]
  10. Larzito


    Aug 1, 2000
    Dallas, Texas
    Sorry to hear of your problems with Eden. Mine has been problem free for 5 years now. If you ever need a speaker reconed (if done correctly is as good as new...they rebuild from the basket up) call Freeman Tuell in Dallas, TX. 214.324.1132 They have been THE speaker repair shop in this area for a long time and I have nothing but EXCELLENT things to say about them and their work.
  11. Larzito


    Aug 1, 2000
    Dallas, Texas
    Here's what I think Pedro is talking about. SWR and Eden heads only are 8ohm. The Eden Traveler is 8ohm. The SWR 350 is 8ohm. Combo amp heads are often 4ohm (the Redhead is 4ohm), but often they can go down to 2ohms (adding a 4ohm extension cabnet).
  12. Well, actually I think what pedro said is right as it is.
    Heads aren't rated in ohms. They are rated at how much power they can put out into how much ohms (e.g. 350W @ 4Ohms).
    What I don't know is how "safe" it is to run the SWR heads at 2ohm loads. I heard it is possible but not very advisable.
  13. pedro


    Apr 5, 2000
    Madison, WI.
    >>Well, actually I think what pedro said is right as it is.

    Yes, actually I think I said it right. It's one of the reasons I went with SWR vs Eden.

    >>What I don't know is how "safe" it is to run the SWR heads at 2ohm loads. I heard it is possible but not very advisable.

    It would appear to meet specs. I've never done it but if I get a chance, perhaps I'll drop SWR an e mail and see what they say.

    One more point, while it's unlikely that I'd ever want to hook up 4 8ohm cabinets it is possible that at some point you'd want to do 2 4ohm cabinets.
  14. Larzito


    Aug 1, 2000
    Dallas, Texas
    I retract, Pedro is right. Amps are rated by their output at a certain ohm...350 watts at 4ohms. Back to the issue. An Eden Traveler or an SWR 350 should be able to handle two cabnets easily if they are both 8ohms, which would bring the total load to 4ohms.
  15. Wow.. David and Goliath.. I can't believe that I never picked up on that. ;)
  16. 810wmb


    Jan 29, 2000
    pedro - i e-mailed swr tech support about 2 weeks ago over this very issue. i also called tech support while waiting for the e-mail reply.

    both techs (different people) said the same thing.

    the bass 350 WILL push a two ohm load.

    both also said that running ANY amp at lower ohms will make it run hotter.

    that said, if you push an eden down to 4 ohms it will run hotter than at 8 ohms.

    the same with a swr. when you push down to 2 ohms it will run hotter than at 4 ohms.

    but a swr 350 WILL safely run a 2 ohm load.

    also both said ANY amp that is run hotter will have a shorter life span.

    has anybody ran a two or 2.6 ohm load ALL the time on an swr bass 350?
  17. pedro


    Apr 5, 2000
    Madison, WI.
    810wmb, interesting. It's a nice thing to have the luxury of pushing a 2ohm load if it becomes necessary. Something you won't be able to do with the Eden.

    For me, I just plain like the sound of the SWR over the Edens (not be much). People talk about SWR's hi-fi sound all the time but I don't hear it. They sound very warm and produce a kind of flat sound that allows the bass to speak for itself without much adornment. It could just be that the bassplayer's I've heard using Eden happen to like a lot more boomy sound than I prefer but...
  18. when i went to go get my new amp, it came down to SWR vs. Eden. I ended up going with eden for a few reasons.

    - I found that to get the eden tone (attempt that is) i had to turn the bass knob on the eq almost all the way up. Doing this, caused the pre-amp to clip very easily, meaning i couldnt bump up the gain very much. this means i had to turn up the master volume, which caused the amp to heat up fater.

    - with SWR, i had read that just cause it says it can run at 2ohms, that many people recomend aganst it HEAVILY. Technicly you can run a Eden down to 2 ohms, you'll burn out the head, but hey, it'll go to that low of an impedence. SWR was kinda the same way, it would work, manual said it could, but the amp would over head a lot.

    - Eden had an avalable (i have no clue how i forgot how to spell that word) sterio power amp, which then you could run 4 ohms per side, which is like running at 2ohms, but not.
    - Eden watts seemed louder than SWR's.

    -there was a used Eden WT-800, for a great price, in mint condition, so i had to jump on it fast.
  19. I've just bought a SWR 750. Excactly the same amp as the 350 just more power. About Eden being louder than SWR I can say that my old Hartke 3500 (350w)sounded pretty loud compared to the 750 (not as loud though), but I think its due to boosts in some mid-range area (a kind of preset boost by the company to give the amp its specific 'sound'). I would think that its the same with Eden (without having heard them), allthough Eden may have done it better or more tastefully than Hartke! So if you think SWR's are lower than others you're probally right, but I don't think its due to overrating the watts. About the HiFi sound of SWR's: I think what people mean by hifi is that the frequency-response (right word??) is very even with SWR, i.e. no boosts. That makes the bass come through very naturally and uncolored I think.

    One last thing: A great deal of the other amps being louder, might be due to the SWR350's limiter. Unlike the 750's this ones fixed, meaning if you use it it will cut out a lot of sound when you play loud. (I don't know if the new 350 has a fixed limiter, but I think so.)

    Well thats my thoughts...

  20. pedro


    Apr 5, 2000
    Madison, WI.
    Lars that's an interesting post. The thing is that the Eden's I've heard don't sound midrangy at all. In fact, I might like them better if they had a bit more bite. They've all sounded extremely bassy. Bassy to the point of lacking definition. That's why I prefer the SWR.

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