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Eden VT-.40 amp / head....$590+

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by mgmadian, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. mgmadian


    Feb 4, 2002
    Austin, TX
    Eden VT-.40 head in excellent condition. This is the precursor to the Eden WT-400 (http://www.eden-electronics.com/400.html)...though the VT-.40 is more flexible and sounds better (warmer & bigger) due to the tube EQ.

    * 400 Watts @ 4 ohms
    * Demeter-designed tube preamp (12AX7 tube)
    * Semi-parametric tube EQ
    * Compressor with threshold and ratio controls
    * Effects loop, XLR-out with level control and ground lift, dual speaker outs
    * Lightweight (19 lbs)

    Photos available at http://members14.clubphoto.com/greg579846/752979/owner-ed5a.phtml

    Asking $590 (plus shipping), significantly less than the $990 that Musicians' Friend charges for the WT-400 (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7...3143207013/search/g=home/detail/base_id/43172).

    I prefer Paypal, money order is also possible. Feel free to contact with any questions at mgmadian@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  2. mgmadian


    Feb 4, 2002
    Austin, TX