Eden WT-330 cxc1015 combo replacement speaker

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  1. Hey gang...
    the 15 sub in my new combo is torn from rubber baffle...I bought it used like that...great deal...I've been playing thru headphones for a few days, and am digging tone shaping options...I really wanna feel the thump and I hope to get to soon...(tis the season to push projects to the back burner)

    Anyone out there ever had same issue w/ speaker...did you replace to original or otherwise, or recone.

    I have the option to use head to run a diff cab but in all the Eden lit I've read it seems to say that head is designed to best function w/ Eden designed speakers and cabs...
    Could I disconnect the 15 (still use the 10) and run a different non Eden cab? Could I change speaker all together to non original? And then there's ohms (which I dunno if I really understand properly...the current cab is an 8ohm...if I disconnect the 15 will this stay true? I should be able to add another 8ohm cab correct...I also read that amp can run at 2ohm so a 4ohm cab isn't out of the question either?) image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I'm very new to the Eden line (and bass in general) and can't seem to dig up much info...I've tried their site and forums but most info is 8-10 years old and vague (maybe I'm not searching properly) and I've dl'd and read the manual pdf but covers a full line of amps not just my specific model

    My previous combo is a lil more straight forward Ampeg BA 115
    Any info, advice, experience with this amp would be welcome...


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