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  1. ModulusAcacia

    ModulusAcacia Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 22, 2000
    Middletown/Cincy, OH WHO-DEY!
    owner: J. Kennedy Guitar Repair, Guitar tech for Walk the Moon
    Eden WT-400, excellant condition, dated from the end of '00, but it's virtually new. It's only seen a handful of gigs and practices. (i kept it as a back up for the vast majority of the time I've owned it), Still has the un-filled warrantee card, full manual and Rack ears as well. I'm only selling it becuase I'm upgrading to the WT-550. To this day, this is still the best amp I've ever owned. Asking $550 OBO, no trades, i need cash, or rather my bank needs cash :help: :) It's heading to evil-bay in five days if it's not gone...

    pictures of the actual amp coming soon...

    e-mail me directly at :help: