Eden WT-800... any tips?

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    Apr 19, 2011
    My band and I recently started rehearsing at a local studio, and the amp rig they have set up is an Eden WT-800 head connected in stereo mode to 2 Eden 4x10's... I've only used it a couple times and I like it so far, but I'm new to it's features and was wondering if anyone (who's spent time using this head/similar rig) had any tips/comments/insight on it's strengths, unique features, etc. Not looking to master every subtlety and spec on this amp... just looking to get the most I can out of it during rehearsal and learn to tinker with it just enough so that I can hear myself in the mix a little better, instead of frantically turning knobs back and forth like an imbecile. We're a 3-piece right now and play mostly hard/alt/classic rock, and a little bit of metal. Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't have that head but I've owned a WT-550 for a number of years.. I'll give you my advice on some of the featuers.

    Since there are 2 identical cabs I would leave the crossover alone.

    The controls on these Eden amps are designed to work evenly through a full range of motion, you definitely don't want to just jack up everything to 10 right off the bat. In fact I use the EQ section for mostly cuts if I can, I don't really boost much because it seems to clip the output section pretty readily.

    I usually start with the enhance control at 0. I also start with the lowest Bass EQ (30Hz I believe) at 0. That control only adds super low sub frequencies, I usually dial that in last so it just fills the room but isn't obnoxious. I use the lowest sweepable frequence to give me a nice punch in the fundamental range of the note. The mid I use to scoop it out a bit, and the high sweepable I use to find a little attack. The last EQ 'high' I just adjust so there's no harshness. Once all that is done I boost the volume to where it's going to be, more or less, then I dial in the low bass frequencies and spin the enhance knob to my liking.

    It's not unusual for me to run my preamp at 1 o'clock and my master out at 2 o'clock or higher, I don't like clipping and usually cut more than I boost the EQ.

    If you are looking to get any kind of dirt out of the amp forget it, there's none to be had.