Eden WT-800... any tips?

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  1. phayes1007


    Apr 19, 2011
    My band and I recently started rehearsing at a local studio, and the amp rig they have set up is an Eden WT-800 head connected in stereo mode to 2 Eden 4x10's... I've only used it a couple times and I like it so far, but I'm new to it's features and was wondering if anyone (who's spent time using this head or a similar rig) had any tips/comments/insight for me on using it/and it's settings. Not looking to master every subtlety and spec on this amp... just looking to get the most I can out of it during rehearsal and learn to tinker with it just enough so that I can hear myself in the mix a little better, instead of frantically turn knobs back and forth like an imbecile. We're a 3-piece right now and play mostly hard/alt/classic rock, and a little bit of metal. Thanks in advance!
  2. phayes1007


    Apr 19, 2011
    sorry for the double-post btw-- darn mobile browser...
  3. Abrahampost


    Feb 22, 2013
    My advice would be to google search the manual for the wt800 and give it a quick read. The manual gives a few steps that help in setting the gain and master levels of the amp and also explains which buttons to never touch while the amp is on.... ie biamp and bridge mode. The WT has a baked in tone that people either love or hate(I absolutely love mine) so I have found that leaving the eq section flat, bringing up the gain until the clip light flashes on my lowest notes at full volume then backing it down a notch, and adjusting the enhance knob to your liking gives an awesome tone.

    Things to consider with the world tour is the eq section is quite dynamic so a little goes a very long way and understand no matter how much tweaking you do it will always have that signature Eden tone, which in my opinion sits perfectly in a band mix.