Eden WT-800 with Mesa 4x10 .... ?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone is using an Eden head (specifically an 800) with a Mesa cab (specifically the new Powerhouse 4x10)

    Reason I'm asking is I'd like a cab that is a little more "tighter" than my 4x10 XLT. I guess I'm experiencing some of the "boominess" (to use a vague term) that I've heard described. So I was going to check out the new XST as well, but I've heard the Mesa cabs through Mesa amps and like them ... plus its smaller.

    Anyhow, if anyone has any experience here, please share your thoughts.

  2. Just as a follow up to myself:

    I think the things I am hearing from my cab have to do with our practice room. When we play live in a larger room, my XLT just screams and growls ... so I'm happy :D

    I did take my WT-800 to a local Mesa dealer and played a new 4x10 - it sounded pretty good. I place the sound somewhere between an Ampeg cab and the Eden cab. How's that for vague?

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    if things are too boomy, well, that's what your EQ is for, and if i'm not mistaken, the Eden heads have some of the most versatile, flexible and advanced EQ's available.

    try cutting out some midrange, around the 300-400hz area to leaven the woolly muddiness. better yet, suck out some of the lower 30-60hz to dampen the boom.

    or you could go ghetto style, and hoist it up on some crates.

    before you go off, buying a cab, i think a simple EQ check could help you, much more inexpensively. and IMHO, Mesa cabs dont stack up to Eden's. but that's just me. *shrug*
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    I haven't tried this with the newer Powerhouse cabs, but when I bought my Diesel 4x10 new, I tried it out with a WT-800 and it rocked very hard. My main rig is an Eden Navigator/PLX 3002 setup, and the Boogie 4x10 sounds great through this. IMHO, the older Road Ready and Diesel 4x10's sound better then the Powerhouse cabs, though I have not been able to do a direct A/B comparison.