SOLD Eden WT405

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  1. Made in USA. I bought this about a year ago here in the classifieds. Great sound without needing to fiddle with the knobs. Nice compressor.
    It might need a more cleaning as I have kept it unused for months and have only been using it again for the past few weeks and I noticed a crackling sound happening sometimes for a bit and then goes away. I tried cleaning the jacks but it still makes that little noise sometimes so it might be something else. (Or it might be my cab making the noise, not sure). Didn't notice it on the 2 gigs that I used it though.
    Anyway, I'm selling it for a a low price of $350 plus shipping via FEDEX because of that. Paypal.
    I will not ship outside the US. Thanks!
    Pics to follow.
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    Jan 17, 2009
  4. Trades?
  5. Lol I don't have that - I have a hartke lh500
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    Jan 17, 2012
    Elk Grove, CA
    Holy cow that's a great price. If it's not gone in a week, I'm grabbing it. I live in Elk Grove, so you wouldn't even have to ship it.

    If there are any issues, I have friends who work on amps that will fix it cheap.
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    I've been reading good things about that hartke but would prefer cash at this point.

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