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    All tube Eden WTB-300V 320 watt bass head. Brand new (as in just purchased last week) matched set of JJ KT88s And all new JJ Preamp and gold pin , long plate JJ Driver tube. 40lbs. Half the weight of an Ampeg SVT Classic. Bear trap tube holders changed out to superior spring holders and silicone dampers. Super growly, thick and clean tones till you hit the switches then it gets that rock sizzle quite easily. Works wonders with pedals. Fan is extremely quiet. Tonality, it’s a beast! Tube bias section on back is easy to use so no need to take it to a technician for biasing just do it yourself. Sounds amazing and cuts through guitars like a machete through butter. Selling so I can get a fishing kayak for this summer. So if you have a kayak to trade I’m all ears. The only bass gear I’d consider trading this amp for is an Ampeg SVT 212AV cab In great condition. Come demo it in the Richmond, VA area if you like, just PM me. I’m willing to travel a bit to sell. Will ship to the lower 48 if purchaser pays for shipping. Manual:

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  2. PM sent
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  3. Thanks much Joe! Have a good one.
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  4. Is this amplifier still for sale?
    Thank you.
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